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Syncthing 1.0.0 und 1.0.1

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Das Entwicklerteam der P2P Synchronisationssoftware von Dateien und Ordner, Syncthing haben im Januar den Meilenstein 1.0.0 ihrer Software veröffentlicht. Inzwischen gibt es das Update 1.0.1 sowie weitere Release Kandidaten für das neue Release. Nachfolgend die Änderungen des Open-Source Tools

Syncthing 1.0.1 Release Notes


  • #2697: Folder status “box” character not readable by screen readers / not color blindness friendly
  • #4216: “Automatic upgrades” web GUI option in pre-release versions is misleading
  • #5340: Incorrectly out of sync, sequence number oddness.
  • #5385: Deleted files show up as failed scans
  • #5389: gui: Missing icon in footer
  • #5392: Data race in model.(*folder).startWatch()
  • #5397: Scan errors about ignored files displayed in web UI
  • #5401: panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in ignore.go
  • #5411: Illegal characters in folder name on auto accept
  • #5428: Beeps randomly on Windows

Other issues

  • #5148: Consider switching to Go modules
  • #5422: TestIssue3028 flaky on windows

Syncthing 1.0.0 Release Notes


  • #5324: Incorrect warning when –home and path on same directory level
  • #5369: Empty file field in log when normalizePath failed
  • #5372: Event system can cause deadlock


  • #2760: Option to limit max simultaneous scans
  • #5286: Add hardening options to systemd units
  • #5320: Show configured rate limit in the GUI
  • #5336: Show list of locally changed files for receive only folders

Other issues

  • #5334: New chmduquesne/rollinghash breaks tests
  • #5362: lib/model: TestDeregister* tests are bad


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