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AIDE Intrusion Detection Tool 0.16.1 Release

Unix Shell

Das Sicherheitstool “Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment” (AIDE) ist ein kleines Tool, dass eine Datenbank über konfigurierte Dateien und Verzeichnisse erstellt, anhand derer sich dann Veränderungen an diesen Dateien und Verzeichnissen prüfen lassen um so mögliche Schadsoftware und Eindringlinge festzustellen.

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AIDE 0.16.1 Release Notes

- Move to GitHub
- Update documentation
- Bug fixes

AIDE 0.16.0 Release Notes

    - Negative selection lines of the form '!<regex> <groups>' are no
      longer supported (use '!<regex>' instead)
    - The switch to Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expressions and the fix of
      '.*'-rule matching may result in different rule matching behaviour
* Support restricted selection lines
* Switch to PCRE library (drops bundled GNU regexp library)
* New config options:
    - database_add_metadata
    - database_attrs
    - report_base16
    - report_detailed_init
    - report_force_attrs (deprecates report_attributes)
    - report_ignore_added_attrs
    - report_ignore_removed_attrs
    - report_ignore_changed_attrs (deprecates ignore_list)
    - report_ignore_e2fsattrs
    - report_quiet
    - root_prefix
* New '--limit' parameter
* Report changes:
    - enable summarize_changes by default
    - use '|' to separate the old value from the new one
    - wrap attribute values instead of cut them off
    - side-by-side output of acl and xattrs values
    - adjust file type letters in summarize_changes output
    - add numeric timezone to time string
    - add info about verbose level to report if it differs from standard
    - add info about number of entries if aide found no changes or
      the database has been initialized
    - add run time to report
    - print "End timestamp" message in report
    - print human-readable info about ignored and forced attributes in report
    - print checksums of databases in verbose level 2 or higher
    - print added and removed attribute values of changed entries in
      verbose level 6 or higher
    - print details about added and removed entries in verbose level 7
      or higher
    - print added or removed attributes of changed entries if forced via
* New default group: X
* Fix '.*'-rule matching
* Handle tilde (~) in database paths and report urls
* Sort entries of database file
* Compare database entries just once
* Add warning if a group is redefined
* Update documentation
* Bug fixes
* Code clean up

AIDE 0.15 Release Notes

* Added new grouped option
* Sort files in report by filename
* Added support for e2fsattrs attribute
* Added support for ftype attribute
* Bug fixes

AIDE 0.14.2 Release Notes

* Report correct file type in "Detailed information
  about changes" section
* Bug fixes

AIDE 0.14.1 Release Notes

* Added contrib script
* Bug fixes

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