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Sophos XG Firewall Maintenance Release 17.0.6 MR6

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Sophos hat das Upate 17.0.6 MR6 für seine XG Firewall veröffentlicht. Insgesamt wurden 21 Fehler behoben die neben dem Upgrade auf V17, IPSec, IKEv2, HA und weitere Komponenten betreffen.

Sophos XG Firewall 17.0.6 MR6 Update
Sophos XG Firewall 17.0.6 MR6 Update

Sophos XG Firewall 17.0.6 MR6 Release Notes


Issues Resolved

  • NC-26520 [Base System] Logviewer exceeds allotted diskspace
  • NC-26601 [Base System] validatePort didn’t validate all used ports correctly
  • NC-25574 [IPsec] Upgrade to v17 failed when a policy with name ‘IKEv2’ was created before upgrade
  • NC-26694 [IPsec] High memory usage of charon
  • NC-27001 [IPsec] Unable to enable the fail-over group for IPSec
  • NC-27228 [IPsec] IPsec connection ref count sometimes wrong
  • NC-27276 [IPsec] IKEv2 connection not retried when receiving AUTH_FAILED
  • NC-27278 [IPsec] Display issue in IE11 for IPSec Connections – NAT
  • NC-27283 [IPsec] HA: Hard reset failover takes too long
  • NC-27333 [IPsec] HA: Connections not synced to aux when pushing connect button
  • NC-27384 [IPsec] Race condition in charon when 60s retry timeout and IKE_INIT occur close together
  • NC-27412 [IPsec] IPSec failover group shows 2 active connections
  • NC-27510 [IPsec] IKEv1: cannot handle more than 2 concurrent Quick Mode exchanges per IKE_SA
  • NC-27608 [IPsec] IPSec Profiles XML has no information for new added configuration
  • NC-27734 [IPsec] Unable to recreate the config using the same connection name in Cisco VPN connection after reset
  • NC-27916 [IPsec] CSC freezing sporadically & system goes unresponsive
  • NC-28090 [IPsec] Follow Up – VPN connection can’t be established if the PSK is very long
  • NC-27240 [Mail Proxy] Unable to send emails due to auto routing to rcpt DNS in case of greylisting reply for MX
  • NC-27382 [Network Services] DHCP Relay didn’t work after upgrade to SF v17 MR3
  • NC-26104 [Networking] Networkd dead in HA setup
  • NC-27488 [WAF] Mod_url_hardening stack corruption

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