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Sophos XG Firewall 17.5 MR3 veröffentlicht

sophos xg 17 5

Sophos hat am 12.2.2019 das Update 17.5 MR3 für die Sophos XG Firewall veröffentlicht. Ebenso wurde die RED Firmware und die Wireless Firmware 11.0.006 veröffentlicht.

Sophos XG Firwall 17.5 MR3 Release Notes

What’s New in XG Firewall v17.5 MR3

Airgap Support

Enables updates to XG Firewalls deployed in environments that are physically isolated from the internet.  Protection patterns, licenses, and firmware updates can be applied from a USB storage device. Learn more.

Manual Protection Pattern Update

Enables security pattern updates, client software updates, and firmware updates for access point and RED devices to be uploaded from a file via the XG Firewall management console. Learn more.

APX Series Wireless Access Point Support

Support for our new APX 320, 530, and 740 wireless access points with 802.11ac Wave 2 with 2-3x the performance and added device density over our legacy AP Series models.  Learn more.

  • APX 740: Flagship 4×4:4 access point with high-density, high-capacity for the mid-market enterprise
  • APX 530: High performance 3×3:3 access point for typical office environments of all sizes
  • APX 320: 2×2:2 Dual 5 GHz based access point, perfect for tablets/phones, high-density environment in education, small retail scenarios

Broader Backup/Restore Support

Support for Migration to XG Series Hardware. Backups from XG Firewall running on SG Series devices can now be restored to XG Series devices.  In addition, backups from Cyberoam CROS and SFOS backups can be restored to XG Series devices without any manual conversion.

Improved Cyberoam Firewall Rule Migration Compatibility

Firewall rules will be automatically grouped based on source and destination zone when migrating to XG Firewall for consistency.

DHCP Client on Bridge Interface Support

Bridge interfaces can now receive IP4/IP6 IP address and DNS information via DHCP like standard Ethernet interfaces. 

Recipient verification using Active Directory lookup

Administrator can verify recipient email addresses against configured active directory and can reject emails to non-existent users.

Issues Resolved

  • NC-29354 [API] Response for xmlapi get for SyslogServer is missing some value
  • NC-29808 [API] API Authentication should be case insensitive
  • NC-35920 [API] Wrong XML is generated for client-less users when username added with capital letter
  • NC-30616 [Authentication] Guest username/id and passwords are changed after migration
  • NC-33449 [Authentication] Group name showing under “undefined” during AD group import
  • NC-35923 [Authentication] XML export of guest users contains wrong information of user validity
  • NC-38607 [Authentication] Provide a JSON config download for GSuite in the XG UI
  • NC-39026 [Authentication] Chromebook Support port is missing in port validation opcode
  • NC-39106 [Authentication] Access_server is restarted due to missing service heartbeat
  • NC-30365 [Base System] Fix error message for new firmware check on auxiliary device
  • NC-37824 [Base System] SFM/CFM – at device dashboard AV version shows as 0
  • NC-38546 [Base System] Fix log message for scheduled backup and update message
  • NC-39177 [Base System] Garner – sigsegv_dump: Segmentation Fault
  • NC-39179 [Base System] Customization of captive portal not working
  • NC-39688 [Base System] Virtual firewall reboots after applying license
  • NC-40157 [Base System] Garner service stopped with sigsegv_dump: Segmentation Fault
  • NC-40268 [Base System] Not able to access HA device via Central Management
  • NC-38469 [Email] Increase csc monitor time for avd service
  • NC-38521 [Email] Add support for recipient verification via AD using STARTTLS
  • NC-39827 [Email] Improve documentation for mail spool and SMTP policies
  • NC-35434 [Firewall] csc worker gets killed causing errors in port forwarding
  • NC-35521 [Firewall] Import of exported config does not recreate the device access permissions correctly
  • NC-38318 [Firewall] XML change and revert details are not generated for “firewall group” entity when create firewall rule from SFM device Level
  • NC-39316 [Firewall] Group edit fail when user edit existing group and new name have double space
  • NC-39605 [Firewall] Modifying one time schedules fails, if timer has already triggered
  • NC-40080 [Firewall] Improve UI and help for group creation based on EAP feedback
  • NC-29296 [IPsec] Charon doesn’t reconnect in all cases
  • NC-29365 [IPsec] IPSec tunnel fails when there are whitespaces at the begin or end of the PSK
  • NC-30599 [IPsec] Checkboxes on IPSec UI pages do not work using Safari
  • NC-38824 [IPsec] Spelling error in message when IPSec cannot be established
  • NC-38946 [IPsec] Child SA going down randomly with Checkpoint IPSec connection
  • NC-38603 [nSXLd] Custom URL web category list stopped working after updating to v17.1MR2
  • NC-38958 [Reporting] Smart search filter is not working properly for “is not” filter in log viewer
  • NC-39530 [Reporting] Logo is too close to the name of the report page
  • NC-39770 [Reporting] ‘Context’ column getting removed after click on Reset to default for web content policy logs
  • NC-39479 [Sandstorm] Dashboard message not correct for Single Scan Avira with Sandstorm
  • NC-35750 [SecurityHeartbeat] Heartbeat widget not displayed on slave node when registered
  • NC-38778 [SNMP] Unable to fetch the value for particular OID in SNMP server
  • NC-35490 [Synchronized App Control] Application are not classified in Synchronized Application Control list
  • NC-32342 [UI Framework] Restrict number of connection from particular IP at a particular time
  • NC-39078 [UI Framework] Update Apache Commons Collections (CVE-2015-7501, CVE-2015-6420, CVE-2017-15708)
  • NC-39081 [UI Framework] Update Apache Commons FileUpload (CVE-2016-3092, CVE-2016-1000031)
  • NC-39910 [UI Framework] Policy Tester is not working via Central Management
  • NC-38295 [WAF] WAF Rules not working after HA takeover
  • NC-31388 [Web] URL Category Lookup doesn’t allow punycode-encoded domain names
  • NC-31485 [Web] Skipping sandbox check is not being exported in the XML for WebFilterException
  • NC-35585 [Web] Only 10 cloud applications are listed if the screen resolution is 2560*1440 or higher
  • NC-36320 [Web] AppPolicy becomes DenyAll if all “characteristics” and any classification selected


RED Firmware 2.0.017 Pattern Update

  • QNC-33803 [RED_Firmware] Support for CDC and RNDIS ethernet over USB
  • NC-38523 [RED_Firmware] No WAN connection found when having multiple WAN links
  • NC-39321 [RED_Firmware] REDs are displayed as “offline” even though the tunnel is working
  • NC-39822 [RED_Firmware] Racecondition between connection finder and state machine
  • NC-40444 [RED_Firmware] Tunnel compression does not work
  • NC-43662 [RED_Firmware] Unable to decrypt packages during key exchange
  • NC-43778 [RED_Firmware] NullPointer in REDd when printing error
  • NC-43779 [RED_Firmware] Do not send invalid LAN port state to RED server
  • NC-43782 [RED_Firmware] All WiFi traffic on internal RED15w always routed through RED tunnel


Wireless Firmware 11.0.006 Pattern Update


  • Support for new APX 320, 530 and 740 models

Issues Resolved

  • NC-35685 [Wireless] Unauthenticated EAPOL-Key decryption in wpa_supplicant (CVE-2018-14526)


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