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Sons of the Forest Patch 15 Hotfix

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat einen Hotfix für den Patch 15 von Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:

Hotfix 3

  • Updated unity version
  • Rebalanced Hydration, fullness, and Health values for consumable items for regular and hard survival
  • Increased Armor health for all armor types
  • Adjusted some Cooking recipes and values
  • Fixed issues with Seasonal assets sometimes reverting to incorrect materials
  • Fixed some cooking recipes not applying their buffs correctly
  • Fixed Cooked Ramen noodle recipe loading incorrectly in save games
  • Fixed blurry particles on Fire Arrows and Lava Splash effect
  • Fixed some items appearing pink on crafting mat in certain cases

Hotfix 4

  • Fixed some tree types not correctly switching to current season

Hotfix 5

  • Rolled back unity to version in last weeks patch 15 release to fix various issues (should also fix mods not working)
  • Fixed light visuals breaking when too many are placed
  • Fixed various issues with enemy armor not behaving as expected or cannibals not wearing armor when they should be

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