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Backpack Battles Patch 0.6.4

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:

  • NEW RECIPE: Cap of Discomfort


  • Blood Amulet: Now additionally gives +20 max health start of battle
  • After buying Deck of Cards, one card is offered instantly in its spot
  • Poison Ivy: Inflicts 2 Poison per Spike now. Poison threshold: 13 -> 19. Poison when reaching threshold: 5
  • Broom: Removed Mana requirement
  • Box of Riches: Cost 6g -> 5g
  • Tusk Piercer: Damage +2
  • Ripsaw Blade: Cooldown 1.7s -> 1.8s
  • Shovel: Cooldown 2.2s -> 2.4s, stamina cost 1.5 -> 1.7
  • Pan: Cooldown 2.1s -> 2.2s
  • Hammer: Damage +1
  • Leather Armor: Now resists 3 debuffs
  • Pineapple: Cost 8g -> 7g
  • Lump of Coal (Armor): Block generation 5 -> 6


  • Fixed crafting item labels appearing when they should not
  • Fixed multiple items being reserved with the same click
  • Fixed spawning way too many falling items when quickly switching to title screen and back
  • Shaders are now precompiled to prevent stutters
  • Start Battle button is now disabled when an item is in front


  • Items now prefer to participate in started recipes over starting new ones
  • Items now light up when they affect the hovered item (before they only did when dragging an item)
  • Added round countdown to survival mode (shown after battle)
  • Moved reroll rope out of the storage area

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