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Golf With Your Friends Update

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Entwickler Blacklight Interactive und Team17 haben ein Update für Golf with your Friends veröffentlicht:

Golf With Your Friends Patch-Notes:

New Features

  • A brand new mode! Teams Mode offers a new way for players to play with their friends, both online and offline. Pick your teammates and select one of 12 new pre-set teams representing the many locations of GWYF to compete against each other in any team size configurations.
    • New game setting options are available for teams sessions allowing multiple ways to calculate your team scores. New ball collision options are also available offering the ability to collide with only your teammates or just the enemy team. Perfect for offering some helping hands or sinister strategies to secure the win for your Team.
    • Teams can be enabled in any existing game mode and on any course, including workshop content!
    • Featured Teams are; Nimble Gnomes, Cursed Corrupters, Hot-Air Hitters, The Lumberjacks, Bunker Banshees, Putting Pharaohs, The Cosmics, Jurassic Jaws, Crossbone Caddies, The Fireflies, Gumdrop Golfers and the Deep Sea Divers.
  • New ‘Teams Mascot’ Themed Cosmetic Hat Pack (12 Hats).
  • Free Cosmetic Sticker Pack (12 stickers) to match the new teams, allowing players to play in their favourite team colours!
  • New score feed UI indicates when a player’s ball enters the hole and how many shots it took, offering a real time update on how the game develops.
  • Multiple controller support for local Hotseat which will allow for players to use their own controllers, instead of needing to pass around and share a single pad. Supporting up to 4 controllers. The game will listen for any controller input at the start of each player’s turn.
  • [Steam PC Only – for now!] Free DREDGE floatie! We send our friends at Black Salt Games vibes as good as the tides and wish them good luck in reeling in their nominations for Best Debut Indie Game and Best Independent Game in this year’s Game Awards.
  • [Xbox/Gamepass Only] Upgraded to a new version of Unity to match the version used by other platforms. This involved rebuilding the game to improve support and tools for future development.

Various QoL Bug Fixes including

  • [PC] Fixed an issue where mouse input would be ignored if an active touchscreen was connected to the system.
  • [Level Editor] Fixed an issue where several objects in the Deep theme could not be selected after placement and lacked collision.
  • [Level Editor] Fixed a bug where assets moved to high XYZ axis values caused the ball to become unresponsive in-game.
  • [Level Editor] Improved the texture LoD (Level of Detail) on some icy assets from the Winter LE Theme.
  • [Level Editor] Course names ending with a space will no longer block workshop upload (the space will be automatically removed).
  • [Hotseat] Fixed a problem where a player’s turn could end prematurely when interacting with black holes and cause a soft lock.
  • [PS4] Updated the description for the “Peaceful Pines” trophies to rectify an earlier reference to the incorrect course name.
  • [Volcano] Fixed a problem on Hole 17 where a player could become stuck if they hit a certain type of pipe from a specific angle.
  • [Peaceful Pines] Fixed an issue where the ball did not get reset after falling into the water on Hole 8.
  • [Escapists] Fixed an issue where a naughty slice of bread between Hole 6 and 7 did not reset the ball position.
  • [Museum] Fixed a problem where part of the stone floor on Hole 6 didn’t reset the ball.
  • [Bouncy Castle][Hockey] Fixed an issue where it was possible for a player to get stuck in a hole that was hidden under the Hole 8 goal tile when playing in Hockey mode.
  • [Hockey] Fixed an issue where freestanding hockey goalies appeared stationary for all players except for the Host in multiple courses.
  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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