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SOGo Minor Release 5.2.0

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Die freie und moderne Groupware, SOGo wurde in Version 5.2.0. veröffentlicht. SOGo bietet neben E-Mail, Kalender auch Adressbuchfunktionen und diese in jedem Webbrowser und per nativen Client wie Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, Apple Kalender und Adressbuch, sowie Microsoft Outlook. Es ist skalierbar und kann mit Android und Apple iOS synchronisiert werden. Diese Version ist ein Minor Release was die Stabilität verbessern soll und einige Fehler korrigiert.

New Features

  • mail: download message as .eml file (ef5e777)
  • mail: initial support for ms-tnef (winmail.dat) body part (045f134), closes #2242 #4503
  • mail: new parameter to disable S/MIME certificates (545cfe5)


  • calendar(dav): add method attribute to content-type of iTIP reply (e08be0d), closes #5320
  • calendar(web): search in all user’s calendars for iMIP reply (0aabd45)
  • core: improve logged error when module is invalid (aa59aa9)
  • core: properly validate domain using “domains” keys (a370aa7)
  • core: remove CR, diacritical marks, variation selectors (90752c4)
  • css: improve display of category colors (Calendar & Mail) (322226b), closes #5337
  • login(js): fix domain in redirect URL (7e63452)
  • mail: add support for messages quota (a1273f1), closes #5365
  • mail: don’t render SVG attachments (40b570c), closes #5371
  • mail: fix end date of all-day event in mail notifications (694ffa7), closes #4145
  • mail: improve performance of listing all mailboxes (54548c5)
  • mail: remove media event handlers from HTML messages (69972f7), closes #5369
  • mail: return unseen count of mailbox in msgs operations (a352256)
  • mail(css): always show tag dots in messages list (d13e153)
  • mail(html): format links in comment of Calendar invitations (2771fe1)
  • mail(js): avoid using the DOM when sanitizing incoming html (8947f29), closes #5369
  • mail(js): force reload of UIDs when cancelling search (b969ca4)
  • mail(js): hide sign and encrypt options if not usable (eb46415)
  • mail(js): respect thread level while loading headers (2d16456)
  • mail(js): update visible msgs list when adding new msgs (0599922)
  • mail(web): don’t try to fetch headers if mailbox is empty (9cf67d0)
  • preferences(js): don’t save locale definition (e140bd0)
  • saml: add XSRF-TOKEN cookie in valid SAML login (5f6cacc)
  • web(js): get filename from content-disposition header (7d07dda)


  • bg: add Bulgarian translation (ebf2a80, eb18249)
  • de: update German translation (8bdae88)
  • fr: update French translation (1246469)
  • pl: update Polish translation (6b6b733)
  • sr_SR: add Montenegrin translation (3cc29b4)
  • sr_SR: use sr_ME instead of cnr for Montenegrin locale (36100b0)


  • doc: replace xsltproc/fop by asciidoctor-pdf (1345022)
  • mail: replace “Google Authenticator” with more general vocabulary (9ae9fa0), closes #5294
  • mail(js): delay instantiation of Message objects on load (bc58bd1)
  • mail(js): improvements for md-virtual-repeat (d285411)
  • mail(js): various optimizations (a9c6f09)
  • web: replace SOGoGoogleAuthenticatorEnabled with (20b2fd5), closes #5294

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