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SOGo Groupware 5.8.1 veröffentlicht

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Die freie und moderne Groupware, SOGo wurde in Version 5.8.1. veröffentlicht. SOGo bietet neben E-Mail, Kalender auch Adressbuchfunktionen und diese in jedem Webbrowser und per nativen Client wie Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, Apple Kalender und Adressbuch, sowie Microsoft Outlook. Es ist skalierbar und kann mit Android und Apple iOS synchronisiert werden. Diese Version ist ein Minor Release was die Stabilität verbessern soll, 18 Fehler korrigiert und 5 Verbesserungen durchführt und eine Lücke schließt.

SOGo 5.8.1 Changelog


  • alarms: Add possibility to use SMTP master account for system alarms. Fixes #5565. (53f9449 7faf4eb 8001e3f)
  • core: Add SOGoDisableSharing option to disable sharing for mail, contacts and calendar (435495f)
  • eas: Add SOGoEASDisableUI system parameter to remove EAS options in UI when ActiveSync is not used (04e15b5)
  • mail: Add punycode (RFC 3492) to encode domain with special characters (e12583e 0a9b3d6 39032ac 13178a1)
  • preferences: Improve TOTP – add validation code in preferences before saving to ensure user add qr code in totp application (0bd530a)

Bug Fixes

  • authentication: Reduce Cookie user key len to avoid exceeding 4096 bytes. Users in chrome <= 75 could not login due to cookie of 4099 bytes (842fa97)
  • calendar: Add confirmation box when dismissing calendar event edition with background click, only if the event is in edition. Fixes #5585 (65d4c5c bb4a88b 64d817a)
  • calendar: Fix duplicate event on Apple Calendar when creating a new reccurent event, inviting attendee and changing an occurence (f158402)
  • calendar: Fix inaccessibility to personal calendar on Mac OS X Ventura. Fixes #5639 (ef53f6c ba0d4a5 7e357f1 a5347c7 7d72fe1 8680536 a7f3daa 6ee8f76 03e6d00)
  • configure: Prevent pulling in unnecessary vars (b223fe0) (@dasJ)
  • core(js): Removed es6 ‘const’ for build issues with grunt (5d6b40c)
  • dav: Improve logging. Closes #4190 (1964ef0)
  • js: Change grunt-contrib-uglify from 5.0.0 to 5.2.2 (4d7a425)
  • mail: Fix images not displayed when forward / reply to a mail. Fixes #3981 (4dc8ef9 f5ed10b)
  • mail: Fix segfault when TNEF does not get any data. Fixes #4190 (02f8550)
  • mail: Store the Deleted flag in the correct (source) mailbox when moving mails across mailboxes (a556e74) (@jkanefendt)
  • packaging: Add MFA to Ubuntu Jammy (66c728c)
  • packaging: Add usr/share/doc/sogo/ for packaging. Fixes partially #5698 (7ea7572 114c98c)
  • packaging: Check if there are sh files in usr/share/doc/sogo before applying chmod. Fixes partially #5698 (0d2f6d8)
  • packaging: Specify compression format for dpkg-deb (63548a8 189144c 5049423)
  • security: Security fix for WSTG-INPV-02. Fix NSException where tried to modify NSDictionary. Closes #5651. (fe9ae12)
  • ui: Add error message on UI when too many mails are sent in short time. Fix fr translation. Fix documentation (7ad7f5e)
  • ui: Make the login page honor the color theme (607bc08), closes #5687 (@Alex Vogt)


  • ar: Update Arabic translations (3714b14)
  • bg_BG: Update Bulgarian translations (982b1ec)
  • bs_BA: Update Bosnian translations (ddf5527)
  • ca: Update Catalan translations (485f40c)
  • cs: Update Czech translations (4f7e04d)
  • cy: Update Welsh translations (b2873bf)
  • da_DK: Update Danish translations (ecd1344)
  • de: Update German translations (a3c9044 2c6f522)
  • es_AR: Update SpanishArgentina translations (d6a63bd)
  • es_ES: Update SpanishSpain translations (43d925b)
  • eu: Update Basque translations (9192f2b)
  • fi: Update Finnish translations (7b66aa9)
  • he: Update Hebrew translations (38ebd5a)
  • hr_HR: Update Croatian translations (e16f5fa)
  • hu: Update Hungarian translations (cdbe91d)
  • id_ID: Update Indonesian translations (12c32ef)
  • is: Update Icelandic translations (7cbef4b)
  • it: Update Italian translations (561ab7e)
  • ja: Update Japanese translations (44ea7a6)
  • kk: Update Kazakh translations (d860a3c)
  • lt: Update Lithuanian translations (dd0d9bd)
  • lv: Update Latvian translations (b9eacdb)
  • mk_MK: Update Macedonian translations (deef331)
  • nb_NO: Update Norwegian Bokmål translations (e4534c0)
  • nl: Update Dutch translations (6c816cb)
  • nn_NO: Update NorwegianNynorsk translations (7d60dbb)
  • pl: Update Polish translations (62edb09)
  • pt_BR: Update Portuguese (Brazil) translations (2878483 d2a5fd0)
  • ro_RO: Update Romanian translations (0d21123)
  • ru: Update Russian translations (ac8aeec)
  • sk: Update Slovak translations (d185815)
  • sl_SI: Update Slovenian translations (5a67603)
  • sr_ME@latin: Update Montenegrin translations (f66992c)
  • sr: Update Serbian translations (1489b7d)
  • sv: Update Swedish translations (a0d047a)
  • tr_TR: Update TurkishTurkey translations (f87a855)
  • uk: Update Ukrainian translations (90b174b)
  • zh_CN: Update ChineseChina translations (1344f2a)
  • zh_TW: Update ChineseTaiwan translations (245ede9)

Quelle: sogo/ at master · Alinto/sogo · GitHub

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