SoGo Groupware 2.3.20 veröffentlicht

Die Version 2 der Open-Source Groupware SoGo, wurde in der Version 2.3.20 veröffentlicht. Version 2 ist im Gegensatz zur Version 3 nicht ganz so modern im Design und responsive aber mit allen Features wie die Version 3 ausgestattet.

SoGo 2.3.20 Release Notes

New features

  • [core] new sogo-tool checkup command to make sure user’s data is sane
  • [core] new sogo-tool manage-acl command to manage calendar/address book ACLs
  • [web] use “date” extension of Sieve to enable/disable vacation auto-reply (#1530, #1949)


  • [web] added Hebrew (he) translation – thanks to Raz Aidlitz
  • [web] updated CKEditor to version 4.6.2

Bug fixes

  • [core] remove all alarms before sending IMIP replies (#3925)
  • [core] fixed handling of exdates and proper intersection for fbinfo (#4051)
  • [core] remove attendees that have the same identity as the organizer (#3905)
  • [eas] improved EAS parameters parsing (#4003)
  • [eas] properly handle canceled appointments
  • [web] fixed SCAYT automatic language selection in HTML editor
  • [web] prevent 304 HTTP status code for Ajax requests on IE (#4066)


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