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SOGo 5.4.0 Minor Version veröffentlicht

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Die freie und moderne Groupware, SOGo wurde in Version 5.4.0. veröffentlicht. SOGo bietet neben E-Mail, Kalender auch Adressbuchfunktionen und diese in jedem Webbrowser und per nativen Client wie Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, Apple Kalender und Adressbuch, sowie Microsoft Outlook. Es ist skalierbar und kann mit Android und Apple iOS synchronisiert werden. Diese Version ist ein Minor Release was die Stabilität verbessern soll und einige Fehler korrigiert.

SOGo 5.4.0 Release Notes


  • mail: delay or disable automatic mark message as read (4eed98d), closes #1585
  • mail: enable autoreply on specific days or at a specific time (2ecd441), closes #5328


  • addressbook(js): custom field creation (fc121ac)
  • calendar(js): improve bi-weekly event description (c17165d), closes #5261
  • calendar: update email alarm of yearly events (9c025f6), closes #4991
  • core: avoid exception when the user’s cn is null (153c1ee)
  • login(js): input focus on TOTP field (56a6f24)
  • mail(html): ban “javascript:” prefix in href, action and formaction (8afc80d)
  • mail(js): create new object instances in popup from parent’s data (a98b46a)
  • mail(js): don’t allow to rename special mailboxes (c3c9432)
  • mail(js): don’t load mailboxes list from popup editor (cb6b729)
  • mail(js): don’t poll server from popup windows (8724f90, 11eb6c2)
  • mail(js): expose all account identities in popup window (78855be), closes #5442
  • mail(js): ignore return key in input fields of editor (1786ec4), closes #4666
  • mail(js): open one distinct popup for each action (addf3c1), closes #5431
  • mail(js): resolve draft mailbox from popup window (25c69aa), closes #5442
  • mail(js): save draft after having removed an attachment (6ef99a5), closes #5432
  • mail(js): update unseen count when it’s zero (635b8c6)
  • mail(web): display emails extracted from smime certificate (93dff69), closes #5440
  • mail: allow to directly empty junk folder (f9ed639), closes #5224
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (e85576c), closes #5407
  • mail: delete msgs once moved to an external account (e0df548)
  • mail: don’t lowercase href/action/formaction attribute value (c4bb0de), closes #5434
  • mail: only apply IMAP host constraint when SSO is enabled (8cb5ef3), closes #5433
  • mail: show comment attribute of iTIP replies (ff1eeca), closes #5410
  • mail: sign and send only if smime certificate matches sender address (4ad2105), closes #5407
  • preferences(css): align timepicker inside input container (2014589)
  • preferences(js): don’t alter the list of default email addresses (bdfe1be), closes #5443
  • preferences(js): improve initialization of dates/times constraints (46971d4), closes #544
  • preferences(js): set default auto mark as read delay to 5 (cb4d555), closes #5443
  • preferences: add plus sign to timezone in Sieve script (f191231, 2daeab3), closes #5448
  • web(js): position notifications to the bottom right (e064e9a), closes #5127 #5423
  • web: add missing tooltips for expand/reduce buttons (1febace)


  • de: update German translation (b665f7e, 6684784)
  • fr: update French translation (6084fcd, 748fd8f)
  • hu: update Hungarian translation (07f2c26)
  • pl: update Polish translation (3e9b8db, 070f1a6)
  • See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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