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SOGO 5.0.0 Major Release

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Die freie und moderne Groupware, SOGo wurde in Version 5.0.0. veröffentlicht. SOGO bietet neben E-Mail, Kalender auch Adressbuchfunktionen und diese in jedem Webbrowser und per nativen Client wie Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, Apple Kalender und Adressbuch, sowie Microsoft Outlook. Es ist skalierbar und kann mit Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10 und Apple iOS synchronisiert werden. Diese Version ist ein Minor Release was die Stabilität verbessern soll und einige Fehler korrigiert.

SOGO 5.0.0 Release Notes

Version 5 of SOGo brings many great features such as two-factor authentication to secure your account (sponsored by Gandi), mail identities to easily switch between your signatures, desktop notifications for new messages, events and tasks alarms, SSL/TLS support for SMTP, and packages for RHEL/CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Bug Fixes

  • acl(js): toggle rights from the ACL editor (825fb85)
  • addressbook: handle vCard with multiple title values (3d25b8b 96c22b6)
  • addressbook(js): show copy option when source is remote (72b5db4)
  • calendar: ensure valid identity when sending invitations (c2d9377)
  • calendar: return SOGoUser instances when expanding LDAP groups (b8595d7), closes #5043
  • calendar: uncondtionally adjust all-day events dates (5e1a592), closes #5045
  • calendar(css): decrease height of calendars entries in lists (7eac9c3)
  • calendar(js): avoid exception when adding invalid email as attendee (4ff0791)
  • calendar(js): don’t handle attendees for tasks (ff3e83f)
  • calendar(js): fix event blocks width in day view (272fa8f), closes #5017
  • calendar(js): improve attendees editor when adding new attendees (3d3b17a), closes #5049
  • calendar(js): improve debugging in Component factory (8933fae)
  • calendar(js): remove unused injected module in PrintController (5087582)
  • calendar(js): show categories colors in task editor (743cca2), closes #5116
  • calendar(js): show freebusy timeline with external-only attendees (a5ba99c)
  • calendar(js): show real selected list in print preview (7379776)
  • common(js): initialize search field with pre-selected option (1432600), closes #5044
  • core: added back instance caching for LDAP members (b94175c)
  • core: added even better debugging for bogus groups (9f55cdc)
  • core: adjust syntax for Python > 2 (798ad15)
  • core: allow non top-level special folders and improved the doc around this (1146038)
  • core: always set the charset when sending IMIP replies (6ec002f)
  • core: avoid caching group members per instance (0ff0d43)
  • core: avoid fetching quick records for non-existant users (2be7bab)
  • core: avoid pooling channels with tools (fixes #4684) (cecf157)
  • core: disable ASM version of blowfish on i386 (e37ae5f)
  • core: don’t synchronize defaults if no mail identity is created (e6e994b), closes #5070
  • core: fix compilation of pkcs5_pbkdf2.c (d39208e)
  • core: fixed linked and packaging for zip->libzip work (0e95de3)
  • core: improve debbuging when dealing with groups (5b6096e)
  • core: improve debugging on invalid group sources (105ca88)
  • core: improve error log when parsing PKCS12 certificate (6e0e678)
  • core: improved debugging on bogus groups (42587f7)
  • core: initial compat work on libzip (3c4b1af)
  • core: never use zip_error_init_with_code (f6a4dfc)
  • core: no need to call zip_discard, it’s handled in zip_close (1389dcf)
  • core: NSData+String: Dont mix tabs and spaces (562f81f)
  • core: NSData+String: Simplify generateSalt function (c3a4f4a)
  • core: require current password on password change (#285) (2300fe8), closes #4140
  • core: second pass at libzip compat (67f5e5e)
  • eas: avoid doing bogus truncation (9698628)
  • eas: gcc v10 compat fixes (fixes #5029) (e469f52)
  • eas: handle noselect special folders in Dovecot (39255b1)
  • mail: add all unknown recipients to an address book (d29c2b2)
  • mail: change default search scope to “subject or from” (#287) (8642ff9)
  • mail: pick proper “from” address when replying/forwarding (c99170b), closes #5056
  • mail: use double-quotes for attributes when re-encoding HTML (b7f0ee7)
  • mail: use unique names for attachments (9c391b8), closes #5086
  • mail(css): add explicit expanded/collapsed mailbox status (2545caf)
  • mail(css): respect white spaces in plaintext messages (f6ce265), closes #5069
  • mail(css): yellow flags for more visibility (94efa4d)
  • mail(js): encode HTML entities when computing height of textarea (964e6f0), closes #5020
  • mail(js): fix message(s) deletion when overquota (35ebb7a)
  • mail(js): pick proper “from” address when replying/forwarding (f7e7612 8f3738b), closes #5072
  • mail(js): respect signature placement when switching identity (0899352)
  • mail(js): use initial number of rows of textarea with sgAutogrow (200c353)
  • packaging: control files adjustments for old distro wrt libzip (3b46281)
  • packaging: don’t enable mfa on squeeze (e9cc088)
  • packaging: enable mfa on focal (a102a94)
  • packaging: fixed condition syntax (d797987)
  • packaging: fixed typo (b4b9e62)
  • packaging: fixes for centos/rhel v8 support (7ef507b)
  • packaging: more control file fixes (5366522)
  • packaging: Ubuntu Focal changes (7a66818 bf4c083)
  • packaging: Xenial control files fixes (1a7fa0b)
  • preferences: accept an “id” key for mail accounts (528b758), closes #5091
  • preferences: improve handling of forward addresses (7494bb3), closes #5053
  • preferences(html): add placeholders to forward addresses field (1712a7e), closes #5053
  • preferences(html): improve placeholders (2730a91)
  • preferences(js): automatically expand newly created mail account (f1ff8bf)
  • preferences(js): conditionally sanitize forward addresses (b78e66a), closes #5085
  • preferences(js): handle cancellation of IMAP account edition (ee904ac)
  • preferences(js): honor SOGoForwardConstraints in Sieve filters (5bb8161 85a6d8e)
  • preferences(js): initialize Forward defaults (f60a30c)
  • preferences(js): set account id before importing certificate (566fe55), closes #5084
  • preferences(js): show error when passwords don’t match (0e7ce31)
  • test: fix for failing test in NSString+Utilities (fc863bf)
  • web: add icon to expandable list items (0e5e88a)
  • web: consistency in icon of expandable list items (1c99c2c)
  • web: restore menu separators in sidenav of Calendars & Mailer (6e2d652)
  • web(css): improve mailbox expand button in sidenav (37d3cb7)
  • web(js): handle SAML assertion expiration (6af5541 8692e64 433da56 3ef94da)
  • web(js): remove calls to deprecated functions in ng-material (1cb9a83 cd95649)


  • ca: update Catalan translation (497594d)
  • de: update German translation (d26bc18)
  • pl: update Polish translation (b5f9861)
  • preferences: rename “Current Time Zone” to “Time Zone” (443a41b)


  • mail(js): replace ckEditor directive by sgCkeditor component (07c06db)
  • preferences: replace comma-separated list of addresses by md-chips (7e21c6c 4292a45 8b1b938), closes #5048

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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