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PHP Security und Bugfix Release 8.0.29 – 8.1.20 und 8.2.7

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Die Entwickler von PHP haben am 8.Juni 2023 die Updates 8.0.29, 8.1.20 und 8.2.7 veröffentlicht. Dies sind Security und Bugfix Releases die umgehend installiert werden sollten.

PHP 8.2.7 Changelog

  • Core:
    • Fixed bug GH-11152 (Unable to alias namespaces containing reserved class names).
    • Fixed bug GH-9068 (Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)).
    • Fixed bug GH-11189 (Exceeding memory limit in zend_hash_do_resize leaves the array in an invalid state).
    • Fixed bug GH-11063 (Compilation error on old GCC versions).
    • Fixed bug GH-11222 (foreach by-ref may jump over keys during a rehash).
  • Date:
    • Fixed bug GH-11281 (DateTimeZone::getName() does not include seconds in offset).
  • Exif:
    • Fixed bug GH-10834 (exif_read_data() cannot read smaller stream wrapper chunk sizes).
  • FPM:
    • Fixed bug GH-10461 (PHP-FPM segfault due to after free usage of child->ev_std(out|err)).
    • Fixed bug #64539 (FPM status page: query_string not properly JSON encoded).
    • Fixed memory leak for invalid primary script file handle.
  • Hash:
    • Fixed bug GH-11180 (hash_file() appears to be restricted to 3 arguments).
  • LibXML:
    • Fixed bug GH-11160 (Few tests failed building with new libxml 2.11.0).
  • MBString:
    • Fix bug GH-11217 (Segfault in mb_strrpos / mb_strripos when using negative offset and ASCII encoding).
  • Opcache:
    • Fixed bug GH-11134 (Incorrect match default branch optimization).
    • Fixed too wide OR and AND range inference.
    • Fixed missing class redeclaration error with OPcache enabled.
    • Fixed bug GH-11245 (In some specific cases SWITCH with one default statement will cause segfault).
  • PCNTL:
    • Fixed maximum argument count of pcntl_forkx().
  • PGSQL:
    • Fixed parameter parsing of pg_lo_export().
  • Phar:
    • Fixed bug GH-11099 (Generating phar.php during cross-compile can’t be done).
  • Soap:
    • Fixed bug GHSA-76gg-c692-v2mw (Missing error check and insufficient random bytes in HTTP Digest authentication for SOAP).
    • Fixed bug GH-8426 (make test fail while soap extension build).
  • SPL:
    • Fixed bug GH-11178 (Segmentation fault in spl_array_it_get_current_data (PHP 8.1.18)).
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug GH-11138 (move_uploaded_file() emits open_basedir warning for source file).
    • Fixed bug GH-11274 (POST/PATCH request switches to GET after a HTTP 308 redirect).
  • Streams:
    • Fixed bug GH-10031 ([Stream] STREAM_NOTIFY_PROGRESS over HTTP emitted irregularly for last chunk of data).
    • Fixed bug GH-11175 (Stream Socket Timeout).
    • Fixed bug GH-11177 (ASAN UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer when timeout = -1 passed to stream_socket_accept/stream_socket_client).

PHP 8.1.19 Changelog

  • Core:
    • Fix inconsistent float negation in constant expressions.
    • Fixed bug GH-8841 (php-cli core dump calling a badly formed function).
    • Fixed bug GH-10737 (PHP 8.1.16 segfaults on line 597 of sapi/apache2handler/sapi_apache2.c).
    • Fixed bug GH-11028 (Heap Buffer Overflow in zval_undefined_cv.).
    • Fixed bug GH-11108 (Incorrect CG(memoize_mode) state after bailout in ??=).
  • DOM:
    • Fixed bug #80602 (Segfault when using DOMChildNode::before()).
    • Fixed incorrect error handling in dom_zvals_to_fragment().
  • Exif:
    • Fixed bug GH-9397 (exif read : warnings and errors : Potentially invalid endianess, Illegal IFD size and Undefined index).
  • Intl:
    • Fixed bug GH-11071 (TZData version not displayed anymore).
  • PCRE:
    • Fixed bug GH-10968 (Segfault in preg_replace_callback_array()).
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug GH-10990 (mail() throws TypeError after iterating over $additional_headers array by reference).
    • Fixed bug GH-9775 (Duplicates returned by array_unique when using enums).

PHP 8.0.29 Changelog

  • Soap:
    • Fixed bug GHSA-76gg-c692-v2mw (Missing error check and insufficient random bytes in HTTP Digest authentication for SOAP).

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