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Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.9.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Nextcloud Desktop App der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud erhielt das Update 3.9.0. Dieses führt diverse Bugfixes durch die für einen stabilen Desktop Client sorgen soll. Der Nextcloud Desktop Client ist für Windows, MacOS und Linux installierbar.

Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.9.0 Release Notes

  • sort encrypted files by their id to compute checksum by @mgallien in #5568
  • try different permutation to try to recover the broken checksum by @mgallien in #5572
  • Fix unit tests SecureFileDrop by @allexzander in #5574
  • Do not display error status and messages when aborting a sync during hydration request in VFS mode by @allexzander in #5579
  • Correct spelling by @Valdnet in #5567
  • in case server has no private key, let e2ee init fail by @mgallien in #5566
  • Edit locally. Restart current folder sync immediately after file opened. by @allexzander in #5588
  • fix compilation with clazy and fully-qualified-moc-types checks enabled by @mgallien in #5587
  • Enter next log file if the current log file is larger than 512 KB by @claucambra in #5580
  • Alway add the item at the end of the layout. by @camilasan in #5595
  • properly preserve the format of e2ee metadata during DB operations by @mgallien in #5577
  • Edit locally. Elide loading dialog filename label middle. by @allexzander in #5612
  • Fix crash on entering new log file after file size of 512kb reached by @claucambra in #5603
  • Properly handle all fatal errors during edit locally setup procedure by @claucambra in #5583
  • Update nextcloudcmd.rst to include dedicated install method for Debian instead of using a Ubuntu ppa. by @mayonezo in #5243
  • Fix MacOS UTF-8 normalization issue by @xavi-b in #4957
  • Parse sharees ‘lookup’ key to include federated sharees. by @allexzander in #5613
  • Unlock Office files when they are closed by @allexzander in #5607
  • Implement missing share settings by @allexzander in #5622
  • no longer override the pixman default version by @mgallien in #5630
  • Edit locally. Fix crash on _chekTokenJob pointer deref. by @allexzander in #5637
  • Remove some SQL debug logs to unclutter the output. by @allexzander in #5634
  • Annotated version of Big Sur icon by @elsiehupp in #4714
  • E2EE. Fix freeze on metadata checksum validation. by @allexzander in #5655
  • Fix update request channel being set to wrong localised string by @claucambra in #5462
  • Fix folder progress bar positioning in account settings on macOS by @claucambra in #5645
  • Fix setting [undefined] to QFont in ‘Sync now’ button by @claucambra in #5628
  • Attempt sign in when an account state is added in AccountManager by @claucambra in #5493
  • Fix account migration from legacy desktop clients (again) by @claucambra in #5640
  • Feature/group folders visibility improved by @allexzander in #5636
  • Use addLayout to insert the VFS option when setting account. by @camilasan in #5665
  • Update CHANGELOG. by @camilasan in #5643
  • i18n: Word separation by @Valdnet in #5676
  • Implement File Provider file synchronisation engine for macOS by @claucambra in #5527
  • Fix unrecoverable freezing when PutMultiFileJob is used with upload rate limits enabled by @claucambra in #5680
  • Dismiss notifications by @camilasan in #5687
  • Display file tags in File Details by @claucambra in #5596
  • Allow opening a file or folder in the local sync root. by @allexzander in #5686
  • Provide feedback on share link copy by @claucambra in #5672
  • Ask before importing accounts from legacy clients by @claucambra in #5654
  • Feature/resolve all conflicts by @mgallien in #5635
  • Update CHANGELOG. by @camilasan in #5706
  • change size of dismiss button for items in activity list by @mgallien in #5377
  • [stable-3.9] Fix tray window header folders button colour by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5723
  • [stable-3.9] align activity text with “Sync now” text by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5725
  • [stable-3.9] ensure that the file to test monitoring is hidden by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5733
  • [stable-3.9] Fix tray styling by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5741
  • [stable-3.9] Fix macOS build when file provider module build is disabled by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5742
  • [stable-3.9] Fix dark mode switch issues in tray controls manually overriding palette colours by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5744
  • [stable-3.9] fix build on windows by adding missing archive name properties on libs by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5748
  • [stable-3.9] Fix macOS icon by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5762
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/log less verbose by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5775
  • Revert inclusion of File Provider module in 3.9 branch by @claucambra in #5772
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix. Conflict resolution button not clickable. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5777
  • [stable-3.9] display subject when we have sync issues like network errors by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5782
  • [stable-3.9] Fix UnifiedSearch text field placeholder text color for light and dark theme by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5785
  • [stable-3.9] addd a cmake option to enable single account desktop client by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5789
  • [stable-3.9] Fix colouring of NCRadioButton by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5790
  • [stable-3.9] chore: update workflows from templates by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5794
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/rotate log less often by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5795
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/adjust log levels by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5799


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