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pfSense Plus 23.05.1 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Das Update der auf FreeBSD basierenden Firewall pfSense Community Edition erhielt das geplante Update 2.7.0. Die kostenpflichtige pfSense Plus Version ist nun in Versino 23.05.1 erhältlich. Das Update führt Änderungen durch und behebt Fehler in u.a. den Aliases/Tables, CARP, DNS Resolver, dem Dashboard, IPsec uvw.

pfSense Plus 23.05.1 Release Notes

This is a maintenance software release including bug fixes for issues in pfSense® Plus software version 23.05.


This release follows shortly after pfSense Plus software version 23.05. See the 23.05 Release Notes for details on changes in that release.

pfSense Plus

Changes in this version of pfSense Plus software.

Aliases / Tables

  • Fixed: PHP error when attempting to bulk import Alias content #14412


  • Fixed: Unicast CARP VIPs do not communicate using IPv6 Link Local Addresses #14385
  • Fixed: CARP VIPs can become master too early at boot time #2218

Captive Portal

  • Fixed: System crashes or may become unresponsive with Captive Portal #14373
  • Fixed: PHP error in Captive Portal usedmacs handling #14446

DNS Resolver

  • Fixed: Setting system DNS servers can incorrectly modify routes for interface addresses #14288
  • Fixed: Discrepancy in “TTL for Host Cache Entries” Description #14358


  • Fixed: PHP error from empty <plugins> tag in config.xml #14474


  • Fixed: Reassembled packets received on a VTI are not forwarded #14396
  • Fixed: PHP error in IPsec tunnels list #14458


  • Fixed: Panic when changing the parent of a VLAN interface used by limiters #14433


  • Fixed: Notices incorrectly set system LEDs on hardware with less than three LEDs #14482

Rules / NAT

  • Fixed: Outbound NAT rule input validation error when attempting to manually specify “Other Subnet” with a valid address #14354
  • Fixed: Enable IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling option results in invalid PF rule #14415

Web Interface

  • Fixed: “Max Processes” value is not stored properly when saving on system_advanced_admin.php #14425


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