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OPNsense 24.1.1 Security und Bugfix Release

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Nur wenige Tage nach dem offiziellen Release von OPNsense 24.1 und dem folgenden Hotfix 24.1_1 ist nun das Bugfix Release 24.1.1 der Community Edition der Firewall OPNsense erschienen. In diesem Update wird Suricata von Version 7 auf die Version 6 Downgraded. Die Fehler in der Konfiguration wurden inzwischen wohl ausgemacht, sodass Suricata 7 mit dem Update von OPNsense in Version 24.1.2 kommen soll.

OPNsense 24.1.1 Release Notes

  • system: enable OpenSSL legacy provider by default to allow Google Drive backup to continue working with OpenSSL 3
  • system: bring back the interface statistics dashboard widget update interval
  • system: fix all items in the OPNsense container being synced in XMLRCP when NAT option is selected
  • interfaces: overview page UX improvements
  • firewall: align GeoIP file check with documentation
  • firewall: fix virtual IP API use with subnet/subnet_bits usage
  • wireguard: allow instances to start their ID at 0 like they used to a long time ago
  • dhcp: omit faulty comma in Kea config when control agent is disabled
  • dhcp: add opt-out automatic firewall rules for Kea server access
  • ipsec: remove AEAD algorithms without a PRF for IKE proposals in connections
  • openvpn: fix cso_login_matching being ignored during authentication
  • backend: optimise stream_handler to exit and kill running process when no listener is attached
  • plugins: os-frr 1.39[1]
  • plugins: os-haproxy 4.3[2]
  • plugins: os-ntopng 1.3[3]
  • plugins: os-tor 1.10 adds MyFamily support (contributed by Mike Bishop)
  • ports: nss 3.97[4]
  • ports: openldap 2.6.7[5]
  • ports: openssl 3.0.13[6]
  • ports: syslog-ng 4.6.0[7]


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