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Nextcloud Desktop Client Bugfix Release 3.12.0

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Der Desktopclient der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud ist in Version 3.12.0 veröffentlicht worden. Das Update für Windows, macOS und Linux behebt zahlreiche Fehler und sollte umgehend installiert werden, da es zur Stabilität bei Datei und Ordnersynchronisierungen beiträgt.

Nextcloud Desktopclient 3.12.0 Release Notes

  • avoid modifying a placeholder (virtual files) when not needed by @mgallien in #6212
  • Fix build with latest NextcloudKit, caused by search for XCTest and friends by @claucambra in #6258
  • Feature. Do not allow move of external storage mounted folders. by @allexzander in #6264
  • Bug fixes for mac OS by @camilasan in #6207
  • Feature/client status reporting by @allexzander in #6247
  • Build(deps): Bump cpp-linter/cpp-linter-action from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2 by @dependabot in #6287
  • Build(deps): Bump actions/setup-python from 4 to 5 by @dependabot in #6288
  • Build(deps): Bump actions/stale from 8 to 9 by @dependabot in #6289
  • Bugfix. Fix incorrect size of the folderbutton size and scaling. by @allexzander in #6291
  • Bugfix. Do not treat item type change as metadata update. by @allexzander in #6285
  • ensure we do not modify a file that has been just uploaded by @mgallien in #6297
  • Bugfix/missing translations in AppImage by @mgallien in #6332
  • chore: update workflows from templates by @nextcloud-command in #6316
  • Build(deps): Bump cpp-linter/cpp-linter-action from 2.7.2 to 2.7.5 by @dependabot in #6314
  • Feature/filelocking keep user lock by @allexzander in #6347
  • full git path by @tobiasKaminsky in #6360
  • Build(deps): Bump cpp-linter/cpp-linter-action from 2.7.5 to 2.7.6 by @dependabot in #6352
  • Display terabyte again by @camilasan in #6286
  • GUI/LIBSYNC: force login flow V2 with config setting by @mickenordin in #6261
  • Avoid duplicate declarations with latest libcloudproviders by @tintou in #6275
  • Spell-correction for e2e_errors by @allexzander in #6354
  • Bugfix/autostart by @camilasan in #6342
  • globally enable use of the xcode hardened runtime by @mgallien in #6378
  • Fix: remove failure to import legacy account notification. by @camilasan in #6381
  • Feature/e2ee v2 foldersharing by @allexzander in #6350
  • Remove Ubuntu Lunar, add Noble by @ivaradi in #6387
  • Build(deps): Bump actions/cache from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #6376
  • Build(deps): Bump cpp-linter/cpp-linter-action from 2.7.6 to 2.8.0 by @dependabot in #6377
  • partial build fix when TOKEN_AUTH_ONLY is enabled at configure time by @mgallien in #6370
  • Simplify window positioning compute, more flexibly handle different available geometries by @claucambra in #6353
  • [stable-3.12] Allow event processing between each XML parser run, to improve GUI performance. by @backportbot in #6392
  • [stable-3.12] partial move of some checks done with drone to github actions by @backportbot in #6395
  • [stable-3.12] Bugfix. Random crash in LsColJob after recent changes. by @backportbot in #6396
  • [stable-3.12] fix(i18n): uppercase ID by @backportbot in #6415
  • [stable-3.12] wait longer to get the contextual menu entries: may be necessary by @backportbot in #6417
  • [stable-3.12] docs(conffile) Update chunk sizes to match v2 chunking PR defaults by @backportbot in #6435
  • [stable-3.12] suppress deprecated warnings from openssl by @backportbot in #6436
  • [stable-3.12] Fix undefined sync status reporting in tray icon by @backportbot in #6437
  • [stable-3.12] Improve how the UI shows that the client is actually syncing by @mgallien in #6438
  • [stable-3.12] Do not create systray notification if there are no errors. by @backportbot in #6439
  • [stable-3.12] clean up some qml code for share dialog by @backportbot in #6441


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