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OPNsense 20.1 Kenn Kingfisher veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Firewall, OPNsense, erhielt vor wenigen Tagen das Update 20.1 alias Keen Knigfisher. Damit ist ein neues Major Release der beliebten veröffentlicht worden. OPNsense gibt es nunmehr seit 5 Jahren und basiert auf HardenedBSD. Das Alias “Keen Kingfisher” benannte Release bringt VXLAN und zusätzlichen loopback support, IPsec Public Key Autentifizierung und elliptic curve TLS Zertifikate.

OPNsense 20.1 Release Notes

  • Captive portal performance improvements
  • IPsec public key authentication support
  • Elliptic curve TLS certificate creation
  • CARP service demotion hook
  • VXLAN device support
  • Loopback device support
  • Extended firmware health audit checks
  • Support direction and non-quick on interface rules
  • Logging frontend migrated to MVC / API
  • PSR 12 coding style
  • Documentation for all core components
  • Python 3.7 is now the default Python version
  • LibreSSL 3.0 and OpenSSL 1.1.1
  • Google Backup API 2.4
  • jQuery 3.4.1

And here are the full patch notes against version 20.1-RC1:

  • installer: welcome users as genuine 20.1 installer
  • rc: revert growfs change since Nano does not grow anymore
  • plugins: os-mail-backup 1.1[2]
  • plugins: os-nrpe 1.0 (contributed by Michael Muenz)
  • plugins: os-theme-rebellion 1.8.3 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
  • plugins: os-vnstat 1.2[3]
  • plugins: zabbix4-proxy 1.2[4]
  • ports: ca_root_nss 3.49.2
  • ports: curl 7.68.0[5]
  • ports: isc-dhcp 4.4.2[6]
  • ports: php 7.2.27[7]
  • ports: urllib3 1.27.7[8]

Known issues and limitations:

  • HardenedBSD 12.1 has been postponed to the next major release
  • Legacy MPD5 plugins os-l2tp, os-pppoe and os-pptp have been deprecated and will no longer receive updates
  • To prevent stale configuration files for remote syslog we advise to setup the new targets first[9] and disable the old ones under System: Settings: Logging
  • i386 has not been deprecated for the time being 


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