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openHAB Bugfix Release 3.4.2 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung openHAB, haben das Release 3.4.2 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt Fehler in einigen Add-ons und dem Userinterface.

openHAB 3.4.2 Release Notes


chromecastBug Fixes14191Fix for NPE when playerState is null
dominoswissBug Fixes14172Fix Bridge-Loading with OH3_3 and OH3_4
evccEnhancements14245Adjust to breaking API change and add Battery Capacity channel
Bug Fixes14381Fixes & Adjust to more breaking changes from evcc 0.111.x
fineoffsetweatherstationBug Fixes14326Fix java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException
fmiweatherBug Fixes13693HIRLAM → HARMONIE weather model
hueBug Fixes14297Handle unexpected empty response from API
jdbcBug Fixes14281Perform upsert on conflict like the default for MySQL (PostgreSQL >=9.5)
14294working version of PG schema check and TIMESTAMPTZ as default to match MySQL
lgwebosEnhancements14331Add TLS support
openhabcloudBug Fixes14251Reconnection Fixes
orbitbhyveBug Fixes14308Fix for NumberFormatException when parsing json object
shellyBug Fixes14290Cancel the init job when the thing handler is disposed
telegramBug Fixes14314Invalid escape of underscore character when sending messages (Revert “Solves issue #11691 (#13758)”)
teslaBug Fixes14300Fix account going offline every few seconds
wemoBug Fixes14163Fix stability issues

User Interfaces

habpanelBug Fixes1688Use commandDescription instead of stateDescription for selection list


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