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openHAB 2.5.9 Release

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Die Open-Source Softwarelösung zur Smarthomesteuerung, openHAB, erhielt das Update 2.5.9. Das Update bringt 26 neue Addons und verbessert zahlreiche bestehende.

openHAB 2.5.9 Release Notes

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 2.5.9 release:

e3dcModbus Extension#8172
helioseasycontrolsModbus Extension#8250
IP CameraBinding#8329
Jablotron AlarmBinding#6990
Monoprice Whole House AudioBinding#7371
Nuvo Grand Concerto & Essentia GBinding#7651
NZ Water AlertsBinding#7899
Senec HomeBinding#6076
stiebeleltronModbus Extension#7718
studerModbus Extension#8163
TA C.M.I.Binding#7768
Venstar ThermostatBinding#7054

The following improvements were made:

2.x Add-ons

AirqualityEnhancements8378Binding update
alarmdecoderEnhancements8261allow keypad messages with !KPM:
Bug Fixes8406Fix keypad address mask handling
astroEnhancements8230Refactoring eclipse handling by moon and sun
avmfritzEnhancements8222Added ThingActions to handle Boost and Window-Open modes for heating devices / groups
bluetoothEnhancements7199Add support for devices jumping between adapters.
Bug Fixes8340Fix possible NPE’s
dsmrBug Fixes8383Handle cosem values that a have a unit or not, related to smarty meters
greeEnhancements8303Add channel for temperature sensor
8472Minor improvements
Bug Fixes8481Fix endless loop in command handler (previous PR)
HEOSBug Fixes8348Update handling of groups
homematicBug Fixes8331Checking of full datapoint name is necessary
hpprinterBug Fixes8364Fixed NPE in discovery
innogysmarthomeBug Fixes8353Reconnect fixes (#8182)
8375Battery state of RST2 is now supported (#8344)
kodiEnhancements7369Changed ‘systemcommand’ channel to command options
lcnEnhancements8284Add support for commands from LCN to openHAB
8286Remove status-only Channels from LCN Group Thing
8291Make requesting module serial numbers more reliable
maxEnhancements7526Added ‘ThingActions’ to handle reboot and other Cube actions
8424improve setchannel definition
MiioEnhancements8339Miio vacuum model extensions
8381Add support for viomi.vacuum.v8
8387support for miot action commands
8405add viomi vaccum v6 & v7
8463add automatic tokens to miio MDNSDiscoveryParticipant
8485add automatic tokens to miio MDNSDiscoveryParticipant
Bug Fixes8399Fix for $value$ wrong at 2nd time
8477control channel for Vacuum 1C STYTJ01ZHM (dreame.vacuum.mc1808)
8489Offline mapviewer fix command formatting
8490Fix maven warning for dynamic channel
modbusEnhancements8367Modbus write types explanation
8368Some logging adjustments for data thing
8370Validate poller count and write count according to modbus spec
Bug Fixes8461Fix for polling that stops
mqttBug Fixes8246[homie] Implement non-retained and non-settable properties
8390[homie] Improve Homie initialization process for big devices
mqtt.genericEnhancements8312Add CIE xyY color support
Bug Fixes8317Clear availability subscriptions on stop
mqtt.homeassistantEnhancements7656Create trigger channels for stateless sensors
NEATOEnhancements8310add option to clean house with map and no-go lines
networkEnhancements8336Add support for Wake-on-LAN thing action
nikohomecontrolBug Fixes8391Fix Digital Black thermostat.
8428Check bridge status when thing ready to go online.
nukiEnhancements8440Add smart lock door sensor state as new channel (#8438)
onkyoEnhancements8410Add support for TX-RZ900
openwebnetEnhancements8437add support for WHO=2 Automation
radiothermostatEnhancements8393Added Absolute Setpoint Mode
satelEnhancements8444Add support for event type 32
shellyEnhancements8198Support for Shelly Button 1, ix3, Dimmer 2, Door Window 2, Gas, Vintage; support for CoIoT V2 (firmware 1.8+)
8396Add channels device#deviceName, relay#outputName + refactoring
Bug Fixes8471Bug Fixes for Sensor Action events and EM3’s accumulatedTotalKWH channel
smaenergymeterEnhancements8432Add per-phase channels
teleinfoEnhancements8496Add rfc2217 support
tplinksmarthomeBug Fixes8465Use the representation property correctly
velbusEnhancements8464Added support for additional Velbus modules and module features.
verisureBug Fixes8341Fix for #8315
ZigbeeEnhancements600Only perform discovery on existing devices
607Update Z-Smart Systems ZigBee Library to 1.3.8
Bug Fixes604Update last chance timer period


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