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OnlyOffice Document Server Community Edition 12.1.0 Release


Der OnlyOffice Document Server CE erhielt das Update 12.1.0, dass viele Fehlerkorrekturen in u.a. Kalendermodul, CRM, Control Panel, Mail Modul uvm. durchführt.

OnlyOffice Document Server CE 12.1.0 Release Notes

General portal changes

  • Fixed issue with deep linking.
  • Fixed Migration feature.
  • Storing indexing status as a list instead of a field for ElasticSearch API.
  • Enhanced Backup service.
  • Fixed unavailable Feed after data restoring (Bug #58135).
  • Fixed invalid ‘Fork me on GitHub’ button link in the Sample (Bug #57588).
  • Portal users and guests are no more able to make the API SMTP settings request (Bug #57244).
  • Fixed issue with displaying a new company name (after changing White Label settings) in the password change emails and other similar requests (Bug #56435).
  • Personal user info is hidden from those who has no access to the People module (Bug #57851).
  • A drop-down menu in the calendar added when clicking on a month/year (Bug #54767).
  • Displaying an input cursor in the search bar when filtering with a drop-down list of users (Bug #57317).

Server installations

  • Removed storage_root parameter when starting Mail services.
  • Fixed dotnet dependency installation.
  • Fixed msttcore-fonts installation.
  • Upgraded elasticsearch to version 7.16.3 in packages.
  • Fixed memory allocation for elasticsearch.
  • Fixed issue with config files after updating on Windows (Bug #50992).
  • Fixed issue with security configs when making GET requests (Bug #57254).
  • Fixed issue with mail services when installing on RedHat 8.6 and Centos 8 (Bug #57624).

Documents module

  • Changed frequency of displaying a hint page when opening a file in Private Room from the web version.
  • Updated layout of the files list due to new Favorites icons.
  • Restriction to open DOC files for editing on mobile devices (Bug #57373).
  • Added new filtering parameters searchInContent and withSubfolders to API methods.
  • Changed type of some API methods from GET to PUT/POST (Bug #57371).
  • Users and their emails are not displayed in mentions if there isn’t access to the People module (Bug #58037).

Mail module

  • Added ‘On top’ button when zooming in empty folders (Bug #57671).
  • Fixed issue with sending an email with a link to a non-editable file in the trial portal version (Bug #54637).
  • Fixed DOCXF and OFORM icons when attaching files as a link (Bug #57657).
  • Fixed issue with forwarding emails added to the Templates (Bug #57466).
  • Fixed issue with filter settings (Bug #57200).
  • Fixed issue with selecting emails as read/unread (Bug #57390).
  • Fixed issue with the pop-up notification about a disabled account when printing out emails (Bug #57324).
  • Fixed issue with re-opening of email signature settings (Bug #57322).
  • Fixed issue with using the filter when selecting a date by custom period (Bug #57510).
  • Fixed issue with downloading a file when clicking on the .docxf/.oform format link in Chrome (Bug #57651).

People module

  • Fixed Active connections check.
  • Fixed issue with generating a CardDav book in case user emails contain capital letters (Bug #57831).
  • Updated drop-down tooltip when setting a password (Bug #57673).
  • Fixed issue with the https link in the invitation email when importing users (Bug #57519).

Projects module

  • Fixed issue with displaying the Time Tracking entry after its creation (Bug #57901)
  • Fixed issue with closing CKEditor window after editing a task title (Bug #57625).
  • Restriction of using XSS script in the milestone title (Bug #57559).
  • Restriction of using XSS script in the Gantt Chart status (Bug #57256).
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect link to the re-opened task in Telegram notifications (Bug #58107).
  • Fixed issue with custom task status when re-opening it (Bug #57140).
  • Administrator is automatically added to the project team when administrator assigns a task to themselves (Bug #57052).
  • Fixed issue with filtering overdue milestones (Bug #57356).
  • Fixed issue with filtering tasks when changing the Responsible: Me filter (Bug #57354).
  • Fixed displaying of date format in Gantt Chart to match the format set on the portal (Bug #57370).

CRM module

  • Restriction of using XSS script in the Products & Services settings (Bug #57242).
  • Fixed issue with the drop-down list in Invoices when page scrolling (Bug #57578).
  • Removed ‘Show total amount’ link for deals without a budget (Bug #57386).

Calendar module

  • Updated functionality of attaching files from the Documents module.
  • Restriction to access events of other users using the historybyid.json method (Bug #58057).
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribing from the event (Bug #58118).
  • Restriction of using XSS script in To-do list (Bug #57307).
  • Fixed issue with the doubled window in the mini-calendar when selecting a month/year (Bug #57480)
  • Fixed issue with the CalDav link when the HTTPS certificate is activated (Bug #53265).

Control Panel

  • Fixed issue with brand logos after updating in the Docker installation (Bug #57331).
  • Fixed issue with data import from Google Workspace in case the archive contains incorrect meta-information files (Bug #57617).

Quelle: CommunityServer/ at master · ONLYOFFICE/CommunityServer · GitHub

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