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Nextcloud Version 10.0.1 released

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Das Entwicklerteam um die Open-Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud, hat die neue Version 10.0.1 veröffentlicht. Diese 3. Release seit Nextcloud 9, behebt mehr als 40 Fehler und soll zu dem einen verbesserten Updater besitzen.

Nextcloud 10.0.1 Release Notes


  • Password policy is now also applied on user creation (server/1379)
  • Add theming information to capabilities for the clients (server/1280)
  • Allow space for federated share id search (server/1191)
  • DAV: Return data-fingerprint always when asked (server/1176)
  • Users page uses lazy multiselect group dropdowns (server/1174)
  • Allow the config dir to be specified via environment variable (server/1081)
Bug fixes
  • Don’t print exception message in HTML (server/1343)
  • Filter more mimetypes for VCF images (server/1340)
  • Make OS X Finder work with WebDAV again (server/1331)
  • Only match for Same-Site Cookie instead of all, makes Nextcloud work with OVH again (server/1331)
  • Fix setting quota to default or unlimited (server/1327)
  • Show download button instaed of the updater (server/1324)
  • Fix required permissions for WebDAV move and copy (server/1320)
  • Improve detection of file types in file firewall (server/1319)
  • Use proper endpoint for updater server (server/1312)
  • Correctly remove admin sections and settings when not required (server/1305)
  • Move navigation entries without order to the end (server/1299)
  • Allow to call status.php before the instance is installed (server/1288)
  • Do not allow linebreaks and null bytes in paths (server/1231)
  • Fix vendor name in PHP version warning (server/1209)
  • Correctly handle multi-values when converting VCards to arrays (server/1207)
  • Prevent error with orphaned shares when updating user mount cache (server/1200)
  • Check if the file isReadable() before sending a (cached) preview (server/1184)
  • Allow downgrades of maintenance accross vendors (server/1183)
  • Fix oracle support of external storage app (server/1181)
  • Before a user is getting scanned the database connection is reestablished (server/1159)
  • Make sure file list files config always exists (server/1157)
  • Fix issues with user settings and case-insensitivity (server/1156)
  • Prevent parse error on editing an HTML comment (server/1140)
  • Remove reading PATH_INFO from server variable (server/1104)
  • Correct links to security & setup warnings (server/1074)
  • Several files_external user enhancements (server/902)
  • Fixed database conversion problem if a CardDAV entry had more than two components (server/1543)
  • Folder drag was glitching in Firefox (server/1528)


  • A new updater has been added improving the updater experience (

Files Access Control


Survey Client

Bug fixes

Server Info

Bug fixes


Bug fixes

Template Editor

Bug fixes


Bug fixes


Bug fixes
  • Notification mails for shares are sent again (server/1394)
  • Use original permissions for share owner (server/1391)


  • Skip shared files if files get decrypted only for a specific user (server/1345)

External User Backend

Bug fixes
  • Detect anonymous auth on the server and ignore it (apps/9)


  • Add icon for theming app (server/1294)
  • Show loading spinner while uploading files (server/1186)
  • Improve performance of the theming app by optimizing images and caching headers (server/1126)


  • Additional configuration switch to use application specific passwords for desktop clients

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