Nextcloud Talk App 4.0.0 Release

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Die Talk App für die Nextcloud wurde aktualisiert. Die Version 4.0.0 enthält zwei Bugfix,  3 Änderungen und 4 neue Features wurden hinzugefügt. Die Talk App wird für den Videochat im Zusammenhang mit der Open-Source Cloudlösung von Nextcloud 14 verwendet.

Nextcloud Talk App Release Notes


  • Video verification for password protected email shares #1123 #1049
  • Add a file picker to the chat to share files and folders into a chat room #1151 #1050
  • Log the activity of a conversation in the chat (user added/removed, call happened, …) #1067
  • Allow to favor conversations so they are pinned to the top of the list #1025


  • Mentions in the chat now show the avatar of the user and highlight yourself more prominent#1142
  • Messages in one2one chats now always send a notification #1029
  • Conversations are now sorted by last activity rather then your last visit #1061


  • Fix turn credentials generation #1176
  • Do not turn all @… strings into a mention #1118

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