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Nextcloud Mail App 1.14.0 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die in der Open-Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud enthaltene Mail App, erhielt das Update 1.14.0. Das Update bringt 15 neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen und behebt 44 Fehler.

Nextcloud Mail App 1.14.0 Release Notes


  • Migrate icons to material design icons
  • Show primary color dot in subject line for unread messages in envelope list
  • Preview message content in the thread view
  • Migrate icons to material design icons
  • Show message actions only for expanded messages in thread
  • Show mailbox counter if sub mailbox has unread messages
  • Show message preview in envelope list
  • Envelope action links to download whole message
  • Hide system tags from UI
  • Users can clear their mailboxes
  • Improve the image attachment viewer
  • Send oldest outbox message first
  • ‘No subject’ on thread when there is none
  • Migrate all icons to material design icons
  • Support for XOAUTH2


  • Overlapped composer modal close button
  • Element alignment of thread message
  • Unwanted whitespaces in mail content
  • Inclusion of mail.scss and mobile.scss
  • Show-image styling
  • Prevent unwanted live timestamp replacement
  • Important messages showing in PI’s Other section
  • Font inconsistencies in envelope primary actions menu
  • Css styles of composer recipients
  • css styles of composer recipients
  • Make it clear that not all attachments will be sent
  • Make thread timestamp shorter
  • Disable submit button on account settings when its loading
  • Replace the appnavigatiocounter to counterbubble component
  • Add border to favorite icon
  • Fix sectiontitle font size and favorite postition
  • Remove account color
  • Shorten the relative time of envelopes
  • General design improvements
  • Performance logger message for vanished messages
  • Two-way binding for envelope unselect after delete
  • Split auto config and account creation
  • Account form styling
  • Edit drafts
  • Download all as zip
  • Restore ability to write mails in safari
  • Improve the way attachment look
  • Change the opacity of leftside icons to fit the rest of the icons
  • Infinite scrolling on mobile
  • Image preview when the menu is clicked
  • Make sender to be centered with the avatar and timestamps
  • Work around breaking server change and QB expressions
  • Better signature detection: always store the HTML version for the CKeditor body.
  • Quoting forwarded messages
  • l10n: Delete apostrophe
  • l10n: Delete a shortcut
  • Sending erroneous message repeatedly
  • Remove color from flagged message star
  • PI sync problems
  • Sending outbox message of deleted user accounts
  • Collecting addresses in the background
  • Fix lost modifications of preview text
  • Redirect to setup page if no accounts are configured
  • Show empty content when opening drafts

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