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Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.9.1 veröffentlicht

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Die Nextcloud Desktop App der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud erhielt das Update 3.9.1. Dieses führt diverse Bugfixes durch die für einen stabilen Desktop Client sorgen soll. Der Nextcloud Desktop Client ist für Windows, MacOS und Linux installierbar.

Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.9.1 Release Notes

  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/unsupported filename on server by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5812
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/remove stale caseclashcopies by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5817
  • [stable-3.9] Build for Debian Bookworm by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5820
  • [stable-3.9] Bugfix/checksum calculation stop on destruction by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5827
  • [stable-3.9] prevent crash by resetting common pointer after deleting gobject menu by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5850
  • [stable-3.9] Documentation for mass deployment. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5857
  • [stable-3.9] Update the documentation with information on how ‘Edit locally’ works. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5858
  • [stable-3.9] Fix typos found by codespell by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5859
  • [stable-3.9] Remove seen Talk notificatios from Tray window. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5869
  • [stable-3.9] fix bulk upload of empty files by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5878
  • [stable-3.9] add link in readme to nextcloud-releases correct page with binaries by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5880
  • [stable-3.9] always propagate locked status to read-only or read/write for real file by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5883
  • [stable-3.9] chore(CI): Sign .drone.yml file by @nickvergessen in #5887
  • [stable-3.9] Added new state and new job to check if /index.php/204 is being redirected by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5894
  • [stable-3.9] Fix crash and incorrect implementation of seen chat notofications removal by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5897
  • [stable-3.9] Disable share view completely when server does not support/has disabled file sharing by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5900
  • [stable-3.9] Set VFS PinState to Excluded for ignored files. by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5904
  • [stable-3.9] Create placeholder while dehydrating if needed by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5906
  • [stable-3.9] Fix password generation for shares, improve generator by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5908
  • [stable-3.9] Fix expire date field in Share settings by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5907
  • [stable-3.9] Fix SVG rendering error in SvgImageProvider by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5909
  • [stable-3.9] Fix build of sharemodel.cpp on MSVC by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5913
  • [stable-3.9] Improve macOS Sparkle updater by @backportbot-nextcloud in #5914

Full Changelogv3.9.0…v3.9.1

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