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Chart.js 4.3.1 und 4.3.2 Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source und auf HTML5 und JavaScript basierte Chart Software, chart.js, erhielt das Update 4.3.1 und kurz darauf das 4.3.2. In der neuen Version gab es einige Änderungen, Fehlerkorrekturen, Optimierungen und Verbesserungen.

Chart.js 4.3.2 Release Notes


  • #11422 Revert feature to disable plugins by TS
  • #11419 Updates to scale type definitions


Chart.js 4.3.1 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed

  • #11377 Fix curve path if scale limits are set for line chart
  • #11388 Fix time series scale to have each data point is spread equidistant
  • #11352 Fix mismatch between hit boxes and drawn items in legend plugin
  • #11346 Add text stoke radial linear scale
  • #11334 Fix toggling showLine option on scatter controller


  • #11403 Add missing feature for disabling plugins in TyeScript
  • #11396 Fix type of tickBorderDash in GridLineOptions
  • #11187 Split the TimeScaleOptions type into composable sub types
  • #11383 fix: add pointStyleWidth to type definitions
  • #11358 Add `beforeDraw` to drawtime type
  • #11350 Add events property to Plugin defined type
  • #11309 Export explicitly the plugin options definition which is augmented by plugins implementation


  • #11345 Clarify update docs
  • #11324 Refined grammar and updated overall .md documentation files
  • #11322 minor correction of documentation for ‘Grace’
  • #11284 Correct tooltip dates displaying incorrectly reported in #11229
  • #11300 Expend note that chart must be in its own dedicated container


  • #11318 Switch from Slack to Discord
  • #11301 Update slack link
  • #11302 Update size limits

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