Mozilla Thunderbird Bugfix 102.4.2 veröffentlicht

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Der beliebte kostenlose Mailclient Thunderbird der für Windows, MacOS und Linux verfügbar ist, erhielt das Update 102.4.2.

Mozilla Thunderbird 102.4.2 Release Notes


  • “Address Book” button in Account Central will now create a CardDAV address book instead of a local address book


  • Messages fetched from POP server in Fetch headers only mode disappeared when moved to different folder by filter action
  • Thunderbird re-downloaded locally deleted messages from a POP server when “Leave messages on server” and “Until I delete them” were enabled
  • Multiple password prompts for the same POP account could be displayed
  • IMAP authentication failed on next startup if ImapMail folder was deleted by user
  • Retrieving passwords for authenticated NNTP accounts could fail due to obsolete preferences in a users profile on every startup
  • Get Next n Messages did not consistently fetch all messages requested from NNTP server
  • Get Messages button unable to fetch messages from NNTP server if root folder not selected
  • Thunderbird text branding did not always match locale of localized build
  • Thunderbird installer and Thunderbird updater created Windows shortcuts with different names
  • LDAP search filters unable to work with non-ASCII characters
  • “Today” highlighting in Calendar Month view did not update after date change at midnight


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