MariaDB Update 10.10.3 veröffentlicht

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Das Open-Source Datenbanksystem und Fork von MySQL, MariaDB wurde vor kurzem in der Version 10.10.3 veröffentlicht.

MariaDB 10.10.3 Release Notes

Notable Items

  • As mentioned in the 10.10.2 release notes, our Yum/DNF/Zypper repositories for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE, and SUSE are changing with this release to being signed with a new GPG key with SHA2 digest algorithms instead of SHA1. See this blog post and the GPG page for more details.


  • innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON recovery and backup fixes (MDEV-29999MDEV-30179MDEV-30438)
  • Upgrade after a crash is not supported (MDEV-24412)
  • Remove InnoDB buffer pool load throttling (MDEV-25417)
  • InnoDB shutdown hangs when the change buffer is corrupted (MDEV-30009)
  • innodb_fast_shutdown=0 fails to report change buffer merge progress (MDEV-29984)
  • mariadb-backup --backup --incremental --throttle=... hangs (MDEV-29896)
  • Crash after recovery, with InnoDB: Tried to read (MDEV-30132)
  • Trying to write … bytes at … outside the bounds (MDEV-30069)
  • TRUNCATE breaks FOREIGN KEY locking (MDEV-29504MDEV-29849)
  • Fixed hangs and error handling in B-tree operations (MDEV-29603MDEV-30400)
  • InnoDB bulk insert fixes (MDEV-30047MDEV-30321)


  • Fixes for cluster wide write conflict resolving (MDEV-29684)


  • Parallel slave applying in binlog order is corrected for admin class of commands including ANALYZE (MDEV-30323)
  • Seconds_Behind_Master is showed now more precisely at the slave applier start, including in the delayed mode (MDEV-29639)
  • mysqlbinlog --verbose is made to show the type of compressed columns (MDEV-25277)
  • Deadlock is resolved on replica involving BACKUP STAGE BLOCK_COMMIT and a committing user XA (MDEV-30423)


  • Infinite sequence of recursive calls when processing embedded CTE (MDEV-30248)
  • Crash with a query containing nested WINDOW clauses (MDEV-30052)
  • Major performance regression with 10.6.11 (MDEV-29988)
  • Json Range only affects first row of the result set (MDEV-30304)
  • As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.10 for Fedora 35.
  • In this release repositories for Fedora 37 and Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic have been added.


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.10.3, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

Quelle: MariaDB 10.10.3 Release Notes – MariaDB Knowledge Base

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