i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.3.6

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Multi Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, haben die neue Maintenance Version 1.3.6 veröffentlicht. Diese behebt Fehler der aktuellen 1.3.x Serie.

i-MSCP Release Notes 1.3.6


  • Fixed: Several shadowed and unused variables


  • Added: Editable DocumentRoot (see the errata file for further details)


  • Added: Events for custom DNS records
  • Added: Show document roots (relative to mount points) on domains_manage.php page (client side)
  • Fixed: Avoid attaching event handler when not necessary (FTP directory chooser)
  • Fixed: Connection must be made through SSL when SSL is enabled for the services (VirtualFileSystem)
  • Fixed: Forbid direct access to the `/tools’ directory
  • Fixed: FTP passive mode should be enabled whenever possible (VirtualFileSystem)
  • Fixed: Hide URLs on hover event (FTP directory chooser)
  • Fixed: Lets the applications choose the charset they want use (panel, pma, net2ftp…)
  • Fixed: Make parent directory selectable (FTP directory chooser)
  • Fixed: PhpMyAdmin auto-login doesn’t works when connecting through SSL with a self-signed certificate
  • Fixed: Tooltips not initialized in dialog box (FTP directory chooser)
  • Review: Better error handling (VirtualFileSystem)


  • Added: fix_apache2_mod_proxy_fcgi.sh apache2 post install task (patch and rebuild mod_proxy_fcgi module)
  • Added: Support for package post installation tasks (autoinstaller::Adapter::DebianAdapter)
  • Changed: Usage of iMSCP::Crypt::randomStr() to generate passwords
  • Fixed: Errors from updDB.php script not properly captured
  • Fixed: Making sure that all required PHP modules are enabled by executing php5enmod/phpenmod (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Migration script is always run while reconfiguration, forcing clients to re-download all mails (PO servers)
  • Fixed: Packages such as `Rainloop’ remain selected even when they are unchecked in setup dialog
  • Fixed: Preseeding feature is broken – Unable to make unattended installations
  • Fixed: Some PHP modules such as `mcrypt’ and `imap’ are not enabled after a fresh installation (Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Fixed: The setupSystemDirectories() subroutine is called too early


  • Added: 10_phpfpm_settings_override.pl (Allows to override PHP-FPM settings in pool configuration files)
  • Fixed: User web directory must be mounted as slave subtree (10_system_mount_userwebdir.pl)


  • Updated: MonstaFTP package installer for use of Monsta FTP 2.1.x serie


  • Added: SQL query for user iteration through `doveadm’ (Dovecot)
  • Fixed: Authorization problems – You don’t have permission to access / on this server (redirect vhosts)
  • Fixed: Could not access error documents on error (redirect vhosts)
  • Fixed: Could not list directory when accessing FTP server via localhost, and when passive mode is enabled (ProFTPD)
  • Fixed: Proxy loop caused by the `ProxyErrorOverride’ directive (See the errata file for further details)
  • Rewritten: Configuration file (ProFTPD)


  • Changed: Create a symlink instead of copying the system PHP binary for the imscp_panel service (Partially closes: #IP-1641)


  • #IP-1633 Disabled domains – All sub-pages should be redirected to the root page instead of sending a 404 HTTP error
  • #IP-1637 Duplicate mount entries in /etc/imscp/mount/mounts.conf
  • #IP-1638 Apache workers not closed on mis-configured vlogger

You can download this new version at:

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