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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.3.4 und 1.3.5

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Multi-Server-Control-Panel, i-MSCP, sind aktuell fleißig und haben die Versionen 1.3.4 und kurz danach eine bereinigte 1.3.5 veröffentlicht.

i-MSCP Release Notes 1.3.4


  • Changed: Save CPU time and memory consumption by returning a ref to a readonly hash instead of a hash copy (Modules)
  • Fixed: Avoid to reverse mount entries each time umount() subroutine is called (iMSCP::Mount)
  • Fixed: Data provided by modules must be immutable
  • Fixed: Don’t remove a mount entry if the mount has not been really unmounted (iMSCP::Mount)


  • Fixed: Prevent CloudFlare to obfuscate SQL users by enclosing the select element in <!–email_off–> comment tags
  • Fixed: Previous value for the `forward_type’ field not retained on error (reseller/user_add1.php)
  • Fixed: Unknown `START_ID_POS_CHECKED’ and `END_ID_POS_CHECKED’ tags in sql_user_add.tpl


  • Added: Documentation link for installer modes
  • Fixed: Error not catched on mount failure
  • Fixed: Avoid usage of rsync command to copy distribution files


  • Added: listener file (Allows to mount USER_WEB_DIR into /var/www/virtual from another place)


  • Updated: API version to 1.0.6


  • Fixed: Redirects and HSTS sections are not removed in SSL vhost files when they have to be (Apache2)
  • Fixed: Tells the mail clients what are the mailboxes they must use and subscribe by implementing RFC 6154 (Dovecot)
  • Fixed: Unexpected behavior with `disablereuse’ parameter set to `Off’ (Apache2 mod_proxy)
  • Re-added: ProxyErrorOverride directive in 00_nameserver.conf (Close: #IP-1406 which has been reopened) (Apache2)


  • Fixed: Mount entries processed in wrong order while stopping service (imscp_mountall)


  • #IP-1628 Could not remount /var/www/virtual as shared subtree when /var/www is a separated fs
  • #IP-1630 Proxy Redirect – Restict ports to > 1024 (no system reserved ports)
  • #IP-1632 Email quota accounting is wrong


i-MSCP Release Notes 1.3.5


  • Fixed: Changes in version 1.3.4, regarding the modules data immutability, are breaking compatibility with plugins

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