i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.5

Die Entwicklung im beliebten OpenSource internet Multi Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, schreitet voran und so können die Entwickler das neue Maintenance Release 1.2.5 verkünden. Dieses behebt hauptsächlich Fehler der vorherigen 1.2.4 Version. Die Änderungen umfassen:


Fixed: Bad SQL query which leads to orphaned entries in the admin table, and which is the cause of several side effects such as many bad request errors (e.g: when editing a reseller, or when accessing its statistics…)
Fixed: Usage of portable syntax over Bash 4 syntax (I/O Redirection)
Fixed: Wrong syntax for the nice command (at several places)


Fixed: Do not try to remove inexistent indexes +++


Fixed: Don’t add the default ports (80/443) in notifications when not needed (e.g: when using PanelRedirect plugin)
Fixed: ID mismatch when the created_by field of a reseller is unknown (edit and delete links)


Removed: Untranslated languages – Breton (br), Czech (cz), Galician (gl), Georgian (ka), Hebrew (he_IL), Icelandic (is_IS), Spanish (es) and Serbian (sr)


Fixed: #IP-1357: Built in Support Ticket shows wrong URL (missing Control Panel Port)

offiziele Ankündigung und weitere Informationen zum Download und dem Upgrade

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