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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.16

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Die Entwickler des OpenSource Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, haben das neue Maintenance Release 1.2.16 veröffentlicht. Insgesamt sind über 50 Fixe und Änderungen durchgeführt worden.

i-MSCP Release Notes 1.2.16


  • Added: /dev/random and /dev/urandom to open_basedir (PHP)


  • Added: iMSCP::Service::hasService() method
  • Backported: iMSCP::Provider::NetworkInterface from 1.3.x branch – Provider for adding/removing IP addresses
  • Backported: iMSCP::Net changes from 1.3.x branch
  • Changed: IP addresses are now persistent (they are added into /etc/network/interfaces file)
  • Fixed: Could not create SQL user when using MariaDB SQL remote server
  • Fixed: Ip addresses are not validated correctly in iMSCP::Net
  • Fixed: macvlan interfaces not properly mapped in iMSCP::Net
  • Fixed: Shell arguments must be escaped in imscp-pkt-mngr and imscp-sw-mngr


  • Added: SSL status field on domain management page (Client interface)
  • Fixed: Could not add/edit SQL user when using MariaDB server – wrong syntax ‘PASSWORD EXPIRE NEVER’ …
  • Fixed: Exception raised due to missing `ZIP` configuration variable
  • Fixed: Wrong error handling in cert_view.php (openssl_x509_checkpurpose function also returns -1 which is not FALSE)


  • Added: ‘panel’ reconfiguration item
  • Fixed: Could not unset ‘hold’ state on packages in some contexts
  • Fixed: Dialog backup (back up) feature is broken
  • Fixed: dpkg: warning: –compare-versions used with obsolete relation operator ‘<‘
  • Fixed: Ensure that sysvinit scripts are disabled when upstart job are provided and when init is Upstart
  • Fixed: init_is_upstart() function not available in lsb-base < 4.1+Debian3 (sysvinit scripts)
  • Fixed: Mitigate possible PHP timezone warning with CLI SAPI
  • Fixed: Update notices are not sorted correctly
  • Fixed: Use MySQL 5.6 from official Trusty repository in place of MySQL Team repository
  • Fixed: Wrong package name (mysql-client-5.5 instead of mysql-client-5.6) in Debian Stretch packages file
  • Pending: Courier support for Debian Stretch – packages not available at this moment
  • Pending: VsFTPd support for Debian Stretch – libpam-mysql package not available at this moment
  • Removed: ispCP migration script (Migration from ispCP is no longer supported)


  • Fixed: Global symbol “$rs” requires explicit package name at Package/Webstats/Awstats/ line 103


  • Updated: API version to 1.0.3


  • Added: createUser() and dropUser() methods (SQL server impl.)
  • Fixed: MySQL server socket is missing after reboot (only with Upstart init)
  • Fixed: Proftpd not running after reload (quick fix – not i-MSCP related)


  • Added: imscp_traffic service (imscp traffic logger – iptables rules)
  • Fixed: Possible ‘socket is already in use’ error on imscp_panel service restart, leading to 502 Bad Gateway error
  • Removed: imscp_network service – IP addresses are now added into network interface file


  • Fixed: Could not reconfigure due to ‘Could not find sysvinit script…’ error


  • Fixed: imscp-net-traffic-logger must not depend on the SQL service
  • Removed: imscp-net-interface-mngr script (no longer needed because IP addresses are now persistent)


  • Added: Net::IP Perl module version 1.26 from CPAN (libnet-ip-perl package under wheezy/precise is too old)
  • Updated: Capture::Tiny Perl module to version 0.36
  • Updated: Net::Domain::TLD Perl module to version 1.74


  • IP-1394 httpd-logs-mngr starts before mysql server on reboot
  • IP-1428 i-MSCP services such as imscp_network should not depend on the mysql service
  • IP-1488 Show SSL-status on domain page
  • IP-1499 Reseller can’t create hosting plans if mail accounts are disabled
  • IP-1500 Update fails when a customer’s SSL certificate is invalid or expired
  • IP-1501 i18n – “Ftp directories” string is not translatable
  • IP-1503 vsftpd – 500 OOPS: prctl PR_SET_SECCOMP failed
  • IP-1505 Installer – cannot go back from the panel http port screen


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