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Hunt Showdown Update 1.8.1


Entwickler Crytek hat einen Hotfix für das Update 1.8.1 veröffentlicht. Es integriert das neue Questsystem im Spiel, sowie zwei neue Grunt AI Varianten.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.8.1
Hunt Showdown Update 1.8.1

Patch Notes


We have added two new Grunt variations to the game. Introducing the Pistol Grunt, an AI that carries a broken pistol which causes a loud gunshot sound when it hits a player with a melee attack, and the Lantern Grunt, an AI that carries a lantern. If you are quick enough, this lantern can used by players if you manage to kill the Grunt before you are hit with it.
Both variations have been added to the default spawn pools for all three maps.

Pistol Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Wields a rusted broken pistol
  • Will attempt to melee attack hunters with the broken pistol, which causes it to explode and play a loud gunshot sound.
  • Will not discharge a bullet and therefore only deals melee damage.
  • The broken pistol cannot be picked up or used by hunters, and will disappear shortly after its effect has been triggered.

Lantern Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Holds a Lantern, which can be lit or unlit
  • Will attempt to melee attack hunters with the Lantern, breaking the Lantern in the process.
  • If the Lantern is lit, this will create a small fire explosion (similar to throwing a Lantern)
  • If the Lantern is unlit, this will create an oil pool on the ground which can be ignited as per usual
  • Killing the Grunt before they break the Lantern will cause them to drop the Lantern, which can be picked up and used by hunters.

Modification to behaviour of Grunts holding weapons

  • When shooting grunts in the arm or on death, they will now drop the weapon they are carrying. For example, Doctor Grunts will drop their poisoned saw and others will drop their torch or cleaver.
  • These weapons are not usable by players.
  • Dropped torches however can ignite oil pools or trigger explosive barrels. However the torches will not harm hunters directly once dropped.


Caldwell 92 New Army

The Caldwell New Army is a new, small slot, compact ammo double action revolver that comes with a 6-round capacity. Overall, this weapon is best compared with the Nagant M1895 Officer, but it also shares some similarities with the Scottfield Model 3.

Like the Scottfield, it features a cylinder where all chambers can be accessed without the use of a loading gate, as well as an ejector to get used rounds out quicker. The main difference being that instead of breaking open from the top, the cylinder swings out to the left side of the weapon. This will allow for faster reload times in comparison to other compact revolvers in the arsenal.

In gunplay terms, the New Army is best compared with the Nagant officer as both are double action compact ammo pistols. The actual projectile is slightly larger which means its stopping power and range are increased.

However, the muzzle velocity of the Nagant office is slightly faster due to it having a tighter seal between the chamber and the barrel. They both have a similar rate of fire, with the New Army being a fraction slower, however in practice, this will be quite negligible, especially when reacquiring your target. This weapon can be dual wielded and benefits from the Ambidextrous trait.

Winfield 93 Slate

Introducing the new, large slot, 6-round capacity, pump action shotgun – The Winfield 1893 Slate.
The Slate is an improvement on the earlier pump action Spectre 1882 in many ways: the mechanism is simpler meaning it is much smoother in terms of handling. It has an increased rate of fire and a faster reload when compared to the Spectre. The improved mechanism means there is no need for Bulletgruber with this shotgun as it can be topped up without needing to open the slide.

The barrel is shorter than the Spectre which means it has an increased spread and recoil, like other shotguns in the arsenal. This increase in spread means it will have lower average damage and a shorter One Hit kill range. Like the Spectre, the Slate can benefit from the Iron Devastator trait allowing you to stay in iron sights during the weapon charge.


  • Bullet Casings are now audible when they fall on the ground.
  • Hanging Chains and other objects now play a subtle sound when crouch walking through them.
  • Sound Design improvements on the Door impacts and destruction

Bloodbond Content

  • Legendary Hunter – Luna Wolf (900 Bloodbonds)
  • A merciless wolf hunter, Felicia Frisk came to Louisiana following her son’s footsteps, where she sought closure – but she only found the moonlight turned crimson with blood, and a mournful howl echoing in the Bayou.
  • Legendary Hunter – Dire Wolf (900 Bloodbonds)
  • Remus Frisk never thought twice when killing packs of wolves, and he never paid a price for those massacres – until he came to the Bayou to hunt his last wolf – and this time, it was one from his own pack.
  • Legendary Lebel 1886 Aperture – Wolfsbane (800 Bloodbonds)
  • As charming and deadly as its namesake, this Lebel 1886 Aperture earned its name from the wolf carcasses its previous owner left decaying and unskinned. Now each shot from its barrel tears through the night like a hundred wolves howling for revenge.
  • Legendary Springfield Compact Deadeye – Blister (800 Bloodbonds)
  • Six gouges mark the number of sun-cracked and blistering days the first owner of this Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye staggered through the desert – without water, without clothing, but with an indomitable will for revenge.


Brawler Variant adjustments

  • Increased Heavy Melee Damage on all Brawler variants to bring them in line with Dusters.
  • Stamina consumption remains unchanged (Dusters are still more efficient).

Nitro Custom ammo name adjustment

  • Renamed the Nitro ‘Dum Dum’ ammo to ‘Shredder’.
  • This is purely a cosmetic change and does not affect gameplay in anyway.


Caldwell 92 New Army

  • Unlocks at Bloodline Rank 12
  • Price reduced to $90 (previously $103)

Winfield 1893 Slate

  • Unlocks at Bloodline Rank 48
  • Price reduced to $250 (previously $300)


  • Unlocks at Bloodline Rank 1 (previously Rank 24)

Specter 1882

  • Unlocks at Bloodline Rank 24 (previously Rank 36)

Nagant M1895 Officer

  • Unlocks at Bloodline Rank 36 (previously Rank 12)


  • Decreased spawn rate of Golden Cash Registers.

Bug Fixes


  • The Ladder Desync Exploit
  • Fixed an issue where red skull kills were giving XP and counted towards “kills” for KDA.
  • Fixed an issue where ambient audio was not looped properly on night maps.


  • Banished bosses should no longer drop their bounties in unreachable places.
  • Fixed an issue whereby AI was sometimes able to hear players through some obstacles.
  • Fixed an issue whereby grunts were not always facing their attacker properly.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Butcher could not be properly interrupted the first time it taunted.
  • Butcher will stop roaming when no players are around.


  • Fixed an issue where the Berthier Riposte Iron sights were slightly misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where the Depth of Field blur would stay too long on the Berthier Deadeye.
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Sights on the Romero 77 were misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where clean Legendary weapons looked dirty in a mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the crouching animation was inconsistent across some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where D-pad buttons would switch to wrong items until they were re-assigned when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the Conduit Trait wouldn’t apply its effects when picking up a Bounty.
  • Fixed an issue where players could extend their Dark Sight Boost duration with the Serpent Trait.
  • Fixed an issue that could lock the camera after reconnecting to a mission.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where the extraction timer would reset when dead players in the extraction radius would leave the game to the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wellspring could not be picked up from a player that had permanently disconnected from the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could have their movement speed reduced after healing with First Aid Kits or deploying traps.
  • Fixed an issue where movement speed reductions from moving through deep water and from healing with First Aid Kits would stack. Only the highest speed reduction is applied now.
  • Fixed an issue where the movement speed reduction from First Aid Kits was already applied while aiming in Hunter control scheme. Players will now only slow down while healing.


  • Fixed an issue where the objectives would not revert to “Collect the Bounty” after losing two bounty tokens (still shows “Extract the Bounty” for both bosses).
  • Fixed a bug which caused the D-pad navigation in contract screen to break when using a controller.
  • Fixed a rare bug which cause filters to be highlighted in roster even when not applied.
  • Fixed a bug which lead to filters for consumables and tools to be unresponsive.
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused buttons to overlap on top of others in specific conditions.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to click through the hunter equipment pop up on the Bounty Hunt menu onto other tabs and subtabs.
  • Fixed an issue where the normal bow ammo was always greyed out in the weapon wheel.
  • Fixed a bug which would break the equipment bar when changing the equipment by looting from a hunter under special conditions .
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused a discard pop up to be displayed when the player wants to have two contraband pistols (as dual) equipped.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause buttons to overlap while on the legendary recruits screen while forming an invited team.
  • Player cannot give a Dark Tribute offering while in matchmaking in a team anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where both Partners in a team of three could be displayed as “Partner 2”.
  • Fixed an Option issue when clicking on the right side of an audio settings tab would open the drop-down list.
  • Fixed an issue where Winfield Slate and Caldwell New Army were in the wrong place in the Book of Weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Discard” item pop-up had untranslated texts in German.
  • Fixed an issue where a reward pop-up for Hunt dollars and Bloodbonds are always displayed after a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Hold F to stop bleeding’ when bleeding was sometimes missing.
  • Fixed an issue where non-legendary event weapons still had an event background.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, weapons will come out of ADS randomly.
  • Poison effects from the hive and Spider can persist even after their intended duration.
  • In some cases, when first starting the game, Hunters in the lobby may not load in correctly (only parts of the hunter are visible).
  • In some cases, an incorrect/placeholder death screen will appear when your hunter has been burned out (lost all health chunks to fire).
  • In some cases, when attempting to loot a hunter, a message can appear saying “Ammo full” which will prevent you from looting.
  • Quickplay: Picking up a small weapon while performing a switch from a larger weapon results in swapping the wrong item.
  • In some cases, activating a filter in the weapons screen will still show all weapons rather than the selected option.
  • Concertina wire can damage players through walls.
  • In some cases, you are unable to loot a weapon because the client registers that it fell in a different place than is shown on the screen.
  • In some cases, switching to another weapon (looting) can result in the dropped weapon falling under the floor.
  • In some cases, crows may react to player noise later than intended. If there is a lot of occlusion between you and the crows, they can also be hard to hear.
  • In some cases, single shot weapons can not be reloaded when switching while vaulting or quick-swapping.
  • In some cases, while in the “waiting for players” screen, it is possible for AI to attack.
  • In some cases, the banish state and extraction state can show the incorrect details. This is purely a visual issue. The normal status will continue as intended in the background.
  • In some cases, the UI can “hiccup” and may take some time to update meta-actions (buying/equipping/hiring hunters).
  • In some cases, when an enemy hunter survives a headshot from explosive ammo the “death from a headshot” audio can still be heard.
  • UI shows incorrect unlock conditions in the Arsenal.
  • Butcher and Scrapbeak can get stuck in place during combat with several Hunters.
  • Hunters can interact with trait charms (in the world) at a specific range that triggers the “trait acquired” audio, but the trait is not gained on the Hunter.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will not get a hitmarker in melee while correctly dealing damage.
  • In some cases, it is possible that a Hunter will move slower right after placing a trip mine.
  • The electric lamp is incorrectly shadowed by the Hunter.
  • Fusees emitted light is too bright in night missions.
  • New players / or Hunters that deleted their “user folder” will have the new “+” icon on all traits.
  • Arrows and other retrievable items might become irretrievable when killed AI is despawned.
  • In some cases, headshots won’t count as a headshot.
  • In some cases, Hunters can be stuck in the dual wield animation with other weapons.
  • In some cases, lanterns are out of sync for disconnecting Hunters.
  • In some cases, Hunters melee and gun sensitivities can be misaligned.
  • Hunter is unable to fire when swapping quickly from iron sight to fanning
  • In some cases, weapons will drop on top of each other, and it is hard to loot the desired weapon.
  • In some cases, the crosshair will become small and will not change size dynamically as intended.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will lose a healing item when trying to heal a teammate, but the heal will not go through.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will not receive an item back when looting a dead enemy.
  • After reconnecting, a flare on the ground can loop the throwing audio to the reconnected Hunter.
  • In some cases, placing a bear trap will be cancelled when standing too close to another object.
  • Aperture sights can randomly be flipped up or down.
  • It is possible for for a Hunter to receive the “extraction blocked” warning at an extract where someone else has extracted earlier in the match.
  • In some cases, a Hunter’s health will stop regenerating at 100 health, even if the health chunk should allow for further regeneration.
  • In some cases, the ammo counter will not update correctly when firing the Scottfield too quickly.
  • In some cases, the Hunting Bow will not correctly destroy windows.
  • In some cases, the Assassin will attack the wrong target.
  • In Gunslinger, it is possible for the crosshair to be missing after switching weapons.
  • Melee queueing fails sometimes for some weapons/items.
  • Holding RMB while switching to a melee tool or weapon does not correctly prepare a heavy melee.
  • In some cases, concertina wire is not correctly destroyed, although it was hit properly.
  • Bleeding damage ticks are not properly represented in the damage history upon death.
  • Spectator mode does not always represent the correct aiming state of the spectated Hunter.
  • Dying to the poison cloud of a poison trip mine will display an empty death screen.
  • In some cases, the Assassin’s clone can be stuck and not try to attack a Hunter.
  • In some cases, the Spider can fall through the floor and become stuck when jumping on a Hunter.
  • Unlocking a Legendary weapon often changes the order of the weapon equipment.
  • World health packs can stop a Hunter from interacting with a clue when dropped in certain spots on top of the clue.
  • In some cases, Hunters will incorrectly receive a reconnect pop-up after a server crash.
  • Shooting a hive bomb that is floating in water with a shotgun will incorrectly spawn multiple instances of the hive swarm.
  • In some cases, audio sounds will appear to come from a different source than it actually does.
  • In some cases, the bomb lance explosion will not deal area damage.
  • In some cases, the transition between poison states will result in a slight camera shake.
  • In some cases when sprint and ADS are bound separately, sprinting input can be incorrectly ignored.
  • In some cases, the Spider can become stuck in the death animation and be unable to banish.


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