Gluster FS 7.0 – 7.1 und 7.2 veröffentlicht

Gluster ist eine Open-Source Software zur Erstellung und Konfiguration eines verteilten / distributed Dateisystems, GlusterFS genannt. Die Client-Server Architektur besteht aus mehren Teilen und kann auf handelsüblicher Hardware erstellt werden. Das verteilte Dateisystem läuft auf sogenannten Cluster-Nodes und wird als einheitliches Dateisystem angezeigt (DFS)

Die Version 7.2 ist ein Minor Release und behebt 8 bekannte Fehler seit Version 7.1. Die Bugfixes und die Änderung in GlusterFS-Samba habe ich auch nochmal aufgenommen. Am Ende folgen dann die Infos zum Major Release von Gluster in Version 7.0.

Gluster 7.2 Release Notes – Bugfixes

  • #1767264: glusterfs client process coredump
  • #1786753: Functionality to enable log rotation for user serviceable snapshot’s logs.
  • #1788785: Unable to set/modify optimistic-change-log for replicate volumes
  • #1789336: glusterfs process memory leak in ior test
  • #1790423: Glusterfind pre command fails
  • #1790428: glusterfind pre output file is empty
  • #1790438: not python3 ready (does not decode bytestring)
  • #1790846: Remove extra argument

Gluster 7.1 Release Notes – Bugfixes

Note – GlusterFS-Samba

Following parameters will be added to GlusterFS volume share section (if not present) in smb.conf when user.smb or user.cifs option is set on a volume:

kernel share modes = no

Following parameters will NOT be added to GlusterFS volume share section(if not present) in smb.conf when user.smb or user.cifs option is set on a volume:

guest ok = yes

Bugs addressed seit Gluster 7.0

  • #1760356: packaging: remove leftover bd cruft in rpm
  • #1760699: glustershd can not decide heald_sinks, and skip repair, so some entries lingering in volume heal info
  • #1760791: afr: support split-brain CLI for replica 3
  • #1761910: Rebalance causing IO Error – File descriptor in bad state
  • #1764003: [Upgrade] Config files are not upgraded to new version
  • #1764007: geo-replication sessions going faulty
  • #1764015: geo-rep syncing significantly behind and also only one of the directories are synced with tracebacks seen
  • #1764023: geo-rep: Changelog archive file format is incorrect
  • #1764026: tests/geo-rep: Add test case to validate non-root geo-replication setup
  • #1764028: [geo-rep] sync_method showing rsync instead of tarssh post in-service upgrade
  • #1764030: [GSS] geo-rep entering into faulty state with OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied
  • #1765431: test: fix non-root geo-rep test case
  • #1766424: cgroup script not working
  • #1768742: Memory leak in glusterfsd process
  • #1768760: tests/bugs/shard/unlinks-and-renames.t fails on RHEL8
  • #1769315: Rebalance is causing glusterfs crash on client node
  • #1769320: Spurious failure tests/bugs/replicate/bug-1734370-entry-heal-restore-time.t
  • #1771840: [CENTOS 6] Geo-replication session not starting after creation
  • #1775495: [GNFS] showmout -a cause gnfs crash
  • #1777769: auth-allow of IPv4 address doesn’t take netmask into consideration
  • #1778175: glusterfsd crashed with “‘MemoryError’ Cannot access memory at address”
  • #1781483: Remove guest access by default for GlusterFS volume SMB shares added by hook scripts
  • #1781486: gluster-smb:glusto-test access gluster by cifs test write report Device or resource busy
  • #1782826: event_slot_alloc not able to return index after reach slot_used count to 1024
  • #1783227: GlusterFS brick process crash
  • #1783858: Heal Info is hung when I/O is in progress on a gluster block volume
  • #1784790: tests/00-geo-rep/00-georep-verify-non-root-setup.t fail on freshly installed builder
  • #1785228: Windows client fails to copy large file to GlusterFS volume share with fruit and streams_xattr VFS modules via Samba
  • #1785493: READDIRP incorrectly updates posix-acl inode ctx

Gluster 7.0 Major Release Notes


  1. Releases that receive maintenance updates post release 7 are, 5, 6 and 7 (reference)
  2. Release 7 will receive maintenance updates around the 10th of every month for the first 3 months post release (i.e Dec’19, Jan’20, Feb’20). Post the initial 3 months, it will receive maintenance updates every 2 months till EOL.

Major changes and features


  • Several stability fixes addressing,
  • coverity, clang-scan, address sanitizer and valgrind reported issues
  • removal of unused and hence, deprecated code and features
  • Performance Improvements


1. Rpcbind not required in glusterd.service when gnfs isn’t built.
2. Latency based read child to improve read workload latency in a cluster, especially in a cloud setup. Also provides a load balancing with the outstanding pending request.
3. Glusterfind: integrate with gfid2path, to improve performance.
4. Issue #532: Work towards implementing global thread pooling has started
5. This release includes extra coverage for glfs public APIs in our regression tests, so we don’t break anything.
6. Thin-arbiter integration with GD1

Major issues

  • #1771308:Unable to build the gluster packages for centos-6


Any new volumes created with the release will have the fips-mode-rchecksum volume option set to on by default.

If a client older than glusterfs-4.x (i.e. 3.x clients) accesses a volume which has the fips-mode-rchecksum volume option enabled, it can cause erroneous checksum computation/ unwanted behaviour during afr self-heal. This option is to be enabled only when all clients are also >=4.x. So if you are using these older clients, please explicitly turn this option off.

Bugs addressed

Bugs addressed since release-6 are listed below.

  • #789278: Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool
  • #1098991: Dist-geo-rep: Invalid slave url (::: three or more colons) error out with unclear error message.
  • #1193929: GlusterFS can be improved
  • #1241494: [Backup]: Glusterfind CLI commands need to verify the accepted names for session/volume, before failing with error(s)
  • #1512093: Value of pending entry operations in detail status output is going up after each synchronization.
  • #1535511: Gluster CLI shouldn’t stop if log file couldn’t be opened
  • #1542072: Syntactical errors in hook scripts for managing SELinux context on bricks #2 ( +
  • #1573226: eventsapi: ABRT report for package glusterfs has reached 10 occurrences
  • #1580315: gluster volume status inode getting timed out after 30 minutes with no output/error
  • #1590385: Refactor dht lookup code
  • #1593224: [Disperse] : Client side heal is not removing dirty flag for some of the files.
  • #1596787: glusterfs rpc-clnt.c: error returned while attempting to connect to host: (null), port 0
  • #1622665: clang-scan report: glusterfs issues
  • #1624701: error-out {inode,entry}lk fops with all-zero lk-owner
  • #1628194: tests/dht: Additional tests for dht operations
  • #1633930: ASan (address sanitizer) fixes – Blanket bug
  • #1634664: Inconsistent quorum checks during open and fd based operations
  • #1635688: Keep only the valid (maintained/supported) components in the build
  • #1642168: changes to cloudsync xlator
  • #1642810: remove glupy from code and build
  • #1648169: Fuse mount would crash if features.encryption is on in the version from 3.13.0 to 4.1.5
  • #1648768: Tracker bug for all leases related issues
  • #1650095: Regression tests for geo-replication on EC volume is not available. It should be added.
  • #1651246: Failed to dispatch handler
  • #1651439: gluster-NFS crash while expanding volume
  • #1651445: [RFE] storage.reserve option should take size of disk as input instead of percentage
  • #1652887: Geo-rep help looks to have a typo.
  • #1654021: Gluster volume heal causes continuous info logging of “invalid argument”
  • #1654270: glusterd crashed with seg fault possibly during node reboot while volume creates and deletes were happening
  • #1659334: FUSE mount seems to be hung and not accessible
  • #1659708: Optimize by not stopping (restart) selfheal deamon (shd) when a volume is stopped unless it is the last volume
  • #1664934: glusterfs-fuse client not benefiting from page cache on read after write
  • #1670031: performance regression seen with smallfile workload tests
  • #1672480: Bugs Test Module tests failing on s390x
  • #1672711: Upgrade from glusterfs 3.12 to gluster 4/5 broken
  • #1672727: Fix timeouts so the tests pass on AWS
  • #1672851: With parallel-readdir enabled, deleting a directory containing stale linkto files fails with “Directory not empty”
  • #1674389: [thin arbiter] : rpm – add thin-arbiter package
  • #1674406: glusterfs FUSE client crashing every few days with ‘Failed to dispatch handler’
  • #1674412: listing a file while writing to it causes deadlock
  • #1675076: [posix]: log the actual path wherever possible
  • #1676400: rm -rf fails with “Directory not empty”
  • #1676430: distribute: Perf regression in mkdir path
  • #1676736: tests: ./tests/bugs/distribute/bug-1161311.t times out
  • #1676797: server xlator doesn’t handle dict unserialization failures correctly
  • #1677559: gNFS crashed when processing “gluster v profile [vol] info nfs”
  • #1678726: Integer Overflow possible in md-cache.c due to data type inconsistency
  • #1679401: Geo-rep setup creates an incorrectly formatted authorized_keys file
  • #1679406: glustereventsd does not start on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • #1680587: Building RPM packages with _for_fedora_koji_builds enabled fails on el6
  • #1683352: remove experimental xlators informations from glusterd-volume-set.c
  • #1683594: nfs ltp ftest* fstat gets mismatch size as except after turn on md-cache
  • #1683816: Memory leak when peer detach fails
  • #1684385: [ovirt-gluster] Rolling gluster upgrade from 3.12.5 to 5.3 led to shard on-disk xattrs disappearing
  • #1684404: Multiple shd processes are running on brick_mux environmet
  • #1685027: Error handling in /usr/sbin/gluster-eventsapi produces IndexError: tuple index out of range
  • #1685120: upgrade from 3.12, 4.1 and 5 to 6 broken
  • #1685414: glusterd memory usage grows at 98 MB/h while running “gluster v profile” in a loop
  • #1685944: WORM-XLator: Maybe integer overflow when computing new atime
  • #1686371: Cleanup nigel access and document it
  • #1686398: Thin-arbiter minor fixes
  • #1686568: [geo-rep]: Checksum mismatch when 2×2 vols are converted to arbiter
  • #1686711: [Thin-arbiter] : send correct error code in case of failure
  • #1687326: [RFE] Revoke access from nodes using Certificate Revoke List in SSL
  • #1687705: Brick process has coredumped, when starting glusterd
  • #1687811: core dump generated while running the test ./tests/00-geo-rep/georep-basic-dr-rsync-arbiter.t
  • #1688068: Proper error message needed for FUSE mount failure when /var is filled.
  • #1688106: Remove implementation of number of files opened in posix xlator
  • #1688116: Spurious failure in test ./tests/bugs/glusterfs/bug-844688.t
  • #1688287: ganesha crash on glusterfs with shard volume
  • #1689097: gfapi: provide an option for changing statedump path in glfs-api.
  • #1689799: [cluster/ec] : Fix handling of heal info cases without locks
  • #1689920: lots of “Matching lock not found for unlock xxx” when using disperse (ec) xlator
  • #1690753: Volume stop when quorum not met is successful
  • #1691164: glusterd leaking memory when issued gluster vol status all tasks continuosly
  • #1691616: client log flooding with intentional socket shutdown message when a brick is down
  • #1692093: Network throughput usage increased x5
  • #1692612: Locking issue when restarting bricks
  • #1692666: ssh-port config set is failing
  • #1693575: gfapi: do not block epoll thread for upcall notifications
  • #1693648: Geo-re: Geo replication failing in “cannot allocate memory”
  • #1693692: Increase code coverage from regression tests
  • #1694820: Geo-rep: Data inconsistency while syncing heavy renames with constant destination name
  • #1694925: GF_LOG_OCCASSIONALLY API doesn’t log at first instance
  • #1695327: regression test fails with brick mux enabled.
  • #1696046: Log level changes do not take effect until the process is restarted
  • #1696077: Add pause and resume test case for geo-rep
  • #1696136: gluster fuse mount crashed, when deleting 2T image file from oVirt Manager UI
  • #1696512: glusterfs build is failing on rhel-6
  • #1696599: Fops hang when inodelk fails on the first fop
  • #1697316: Getting SEEK-2 and SEEK7 errors with [Invalid argument] in the bricks’ logs
  • #1697486: bug-1650403.t && bug-858215.t are throwing error “No such file” at the time of access glustershd pidfile
  • #1697866: Provide a way to detach a failed node
  • #1697907: ctime feature breaks old client to connect to new server
  • #1697930: Thin-Arbiter SHD minor fixes
  • #1698078: ctime: Creation of tar file on gluster mount throws warning “file changed as we read it”
  • #1698449: thin-arbiter lock release fixes
  • #1699025: Brick is not able to detach successfully in brick_mux environment
  • #1699176: rebalance start command doesn’t throw up error message if the command fails
  • #1699189: fix truncate lock to cover the write in tuncate clean
  • #1699339: With 1800+ vol and simultaneous 2 gluster pod restarts, running gluster commands gives issues once all pods are up
  • #1699394: [geo-rep]: Geo-rep goes FAULTY with OSError
  • #1699866: I/O error on writes to a disperse volume when replace-brick is executed
  • #1700078: disablle + reenable of bitrot leads to files marked as bad
  • #1700865: FUSE mount seems to be hung and not accessible
  • #1701337: issues with ‘building’ glusterfs packages if we do ‘git clone –depth 1’
  • #1701457: ctime: Logs are flooded with “posix set mdata failed, No ctime” error during open
  • #1702131: The source file is left in EC volume after rename when glusterfsd out of service
  • #1702185: coredump reported by test ./tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1699339.t
  • #1702299: Custom xattrs are not healed on newly added brick
  • #1702303: Enable enable fips-mode-rchecksum for new volumes by default
  • #1702952: remove tier related information from manual pages
  • #1703020: The cluster.heal-timeout option is unavailable for ec volume
  • #1703629: statedump is not capturing info related to glusterd
  • #1703948: Self-heal daemon resources are not cleaned properly after a ec fini
  • #1704252: Creation of bulkvoldict thread logic is not correct while brick_mux is enabled for single volume
  • #1704888: delete the snapshots and volume at the end of uss.t
  • #1705865: VM stuck in a shutdown because of a pending fuse request
  • #1705884: Image size as reported from the fuse mount is incorrect
  • #1706603: Glusterfsd crashing in ec-inode-write.c, in GF_ASSERT
  • #1707081: Self heal daemon not coming up after upgrade to glusterfs-6.0-2 (intermittently) on a brick mux setup
  • #1707700: maintain consistent values across for options when fetched at cluster level or volume level
  • #1707728: geo-rep: Sync hangs with tarssh as sync-engine
  • #1707742: tests/geo-rep: arequal checksum comparison always succeeds
  • #1707746: AFR-v2 does not log before attempting data self-heal
  • #1708051: Capture memory consumption for gluster process at the time of throwing no memory available message
  • #1708156: ec ignores lock contention notifications for partially acquired locks
  • #1708163: tests: fix bug-1319374.c compile warnings.
  • #1708926: Invalid memory access while executing cleanup_and_exit
  • #1708929: Add more test coverage for shd mux
  • #1709248: [geo-rep]: Non-root – Unable to set up mountbroker root directory and group
  • #1709653: geo-rep: With heavy rename workload geo-rep log if flooded
  • #1710054: Optimize the glustershd manager to send reconfigure
  • #1710159: glusterd: While upgrading (3-node cluster) ‘gluster v status’ times out on node to be upgraded
  • #1711240: [GNFS] gf_nfs_mt_inode_ctx serious memory leak
  • #1711250: bulkvoldict thread is not handling all volumes while brick multiplex is enabled
  • #1711297: Optimize glusterd code to copy dictionary in handshake code path
  • #1711764: Files inaccessible if one rebalance process is killed in a multinode volume
  • #1711820: Typo in cli return string.
  • #1711827: test case bug-1399598-uss-with-ssl.t is generating crash
  • #1712322: Brick logs inundated with [2019-04-27 22:14:53.378047] I [dict.c:541:dict_get] (–>/usr/lib64/glusterfs/6.0/xlator/features/ [0x7fe857bb3241] –>/usr/lib64/glusterfs/6.0/xlator/features/ [0x7fe857dda219] [Invalid argumen
  • #1712668: Remove-brick shows warning cluster.force-migration enabled where as cluster.force-migration is disabled on the volume
  • #1712741: glusterd_svcs_stop should call individual wrapper function to stop rather than calling the glusterd_svc_stop
  • #1713730: Failure when glusterd is configured to bind specific IPv6 address. If bind-address is IPv6, *addr_len will be non-zero and it goes to ret = -1 branch, which will cause listen failure eventually
  • #1714098: Make debugging hung frames easier
  • #1714415: Script to make it easier to find hung frames
  • #1714973: upgrade after tier code removal results in peer rejection.
  • #1715921: uss.t tests times out with brick-mux regression
  • #1716695: Fix memory leaks that are present even after an xlator fini [client side xlator]
  • #1716766: [Thin-arbiter] TA process is not picking 24007 as port while starting up
  • #1716812: Failed to create volume which transport_type is “tcp,rdma”
  • #1716830: DHT: directory permissions are wiped out
  • #1717757: WORM: Segmentation Fault if bitrot stub do signature
  • #1717782: gluster v get all still showing storage.fips-mode-rchecksum off
  • #1717819: Changes to self-heal logic w.r.t. detecting metadata split-brains
  • #1717953: SELinux context labels are missing for newly added bricks using add-brick command
  • #1718191: Regression: Intermittent test failure for quick-read-with-upcall.t
  • #1718273: markdown formatting errors in files present under /doc directory of the project
  • #1718316: Ganesha-gfapi logs are flooded with error messages related to “gf_uuid_is_null(gfid)) [Invalid argument]” when lookups are running from multiple clients
  • #1718338: Upcall: Avoid sending upcalls for invalid Inode
  • #1718848: False positive logging of mount failure
  • #1718998: Fix test case “tests/basic/afr/split-brain-favorite-child-policy.t” failure
  • #1720201: Healing not proceeding during in-service upgrade on a disperse volume
  • #1720290: ctime changes: tar still complains file changed as we read it if uss is enabled
  • #1720615: [RHEL-8.1] yum update fails for rhel-8 glusterfs client packages 6.0-5.el8
  • #1720993: tests/features/subdir-mount.t is failing for brick_mux regrssion
  • #1721385: glusterfs-libs: usage of inet_addr() may impact IPv6
  • #1721435: DHT: Internal xattrs visible on the mount
  • #1721441: geo-rep: Fix permissions for GEOREP_DIR in non-root setup
  • #1721601: [SHD] : logs of one volume are going to log file of other volume
  • #1722541: stale shd process files leading to heal timing out and heal deamon not coming up for all volumes
  • #1703322: Need to document about fips-mode-rchecksum in gluster-7 release notes.
  • #1722802: Incorrect power of two calculation in mem_pool_get_fn
  • #1723890: Crash in glusterd when running test script bug-1699339.t
  • #1728770: Failures in remove-brick due to [Input/output error] errors
  • #1736481: capture stat failure error while setting the gfid
  • #1739424: Disperse volume : data corruption with ftruncate data in 4+2 config
  • #1739426: Open fd heal should filter O_APPEND/O_EXCL
  • #1739427: An Input/Output error happens on a disperse volume when doing unaligned writes to a sparse file
  • #1741041: atime/mtime is not restored after healing for entry self heals
  • #1743200: ./tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1595320.t is failing
  • #1744874: interrupts leak memory
  • #1745422: ./tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1595320.t is failing
  • #1745914: ESTALE change in fuse breaks get_real_filename implementation
  • #1746142: ctime: If atime is updated via utimensat syscall ctime is not getting updated
  • #1746145: CentOs 6 GlusterFS client creates files with time 01/01/1970
  • #1747301: Setting cluster.heal-timeout requires volume restart
  • #1747746: The result (hostname) of getnameinfo for all bricks (ipv6 addresses) are the same, while they are not.
  • #1748448: syncop: Bail out if frame creation fails
  • #1748774: Incorrect power of two calculation in mem_pool_get_fn
  • #1749155: bug-1402841.t-mt-dir-scan-race.t fails spuriously
  • #1749305: Failures in remove-brick due to [Input/output error] errors
  • #1749664: The result (hostname) of getnameinfo for all bricks (ipv6 addresses) are the same, while they are not.
  • #1751556: syncop: Bail out if frame creation fails
  • #1752245: Crash in glusterd when running test script bug-1699339.t
  • #1752429: Ctime: Cannot see the “trusted.glusterfs.mdata” xattr for directory on a new brick after rebalance
  • #1755212: geo-rep: performance improvement while syncing heavy renames with existing destination
  • #1755213: geo-rep: non-root session going fault due improper sub-command
  • #1755678: Segmentation fault occurs while truncate file
  • #1756002: git clone fails on gluster volumes exported via nfs-ganesha



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