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FileZilla in Version 3.23.0-rc1 erschienen

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Der kostenlose FTP-Client FileZilla ist in der Version 3.23.0-rc1 erschienen.

FileZilla 3.23.0-rc1 Release Notes:

New features:

  • New high-resolution icons
  • Improvements to the sizing of icons and other user interface elements on high-DPI displays. For technical reasons, existing theme settings have been reverted to their default values. They can be changed again in the settings dialog.
  • Make use of the Unix.ownername and Unix.groupname facts for MLSD if available

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • The bookmarks menu updates again after changing global bookmarks
  • Adding a site to the Site Manager as part of adding a site-specific bookmark no longer fails if sitemanager.xml does not yet exist
  • Strip byte order marks at the beginning of directory listings
  • Add an option to filezilla.xml to control cache ttl

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