eGroupware Bugfix Release 23.1.20230524

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Die Groupware und Kollaboration Software basierend auf PHP und Javascript, eGroupware ist in Version 23.1 veröffentlicht worden. eGroupware bietet im Browser Funktionen wie E-Mail, Kalender, Aufgabenverwaltung, Projektmanagement, Dateimanager, Zeitdokumentation, Kanban-Board, CRM-Funktion, Helpdesk oder Wiki Funktion. 

eGroupware 23.1.20230524 Release Notes

  • Mail: performance improvements for huge addressbooks by caching avatars
  • Mail: searching in compose now ignores custom fields as they might lead to unexpected results
  • Mail: fix preview and display no longer can decrypt an encrypted pgp message
  • Mail: fix date filter is no longer working in mail’s list
  • Mail: work around Firefox not offering an option to not ask again installing EGroupware as mail-handler
  • eSync/Mail: fix wrong timezone conversation if user-timezone is different from server-timezone
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fix group invitations were not shown on devices unless explicit accepted
  • Filemanager/All apps: Fix drag out files to desktop (Chrome only!) and file drag in (all browsers)
  • Mobile theme: Fix calendar header toolbars are no more visible
  • smallPART: Added Commentstoptime to Comment-CSV-Export
  • Status: fix call popup shows empty white screen (happens in FF only)
  • All apps: fix / improve several widgets specially selectbox and tags


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