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Docker Engine Bugfix und Feature Release 25.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Containervirtualisierung Docker ermöglicht die Isolierung von Anwendungen in Containern und steht sowohl für Linux, Windows und MacOS zur Verfügung. Die Engine, bzw. Docker -CE erhielt Updates die Fehler korrigieren und zur Stabilität von Docker beitragen.

Docker Engine 25.0 Release Notes


In earlier versions of Docker Engine, recursive mounts (submounts) would always be mounted as writable, even when specifying a read-only mount. This behavior has changed in v25.0.0, for hosts running on kernel version 5.12 or later. Now, read-only bind mounts are recursively read-only by default.

To get the same behavior as earlier releases, you can specify the bind-recursive option for the --mount flag.

docker run --mount type=bind,src=SRC,dst=DST,readonly,bind-recursive=writable IMAGE

This option isn’t supported with the -v or --volume flag. For more information, see Recursive mounts.


  • The daemon now uses systemd’s default LimitNOFILE. In earlier versions of Docker Engine, this limit was set to infinity. This would cause issues with recent versions of systemd, where the hard limit was increased, causing programs that adjusted their behaviors based on ulimits to consume a high amount of memory. moby/moby#45534The new setting makes containers behave the same way as programs running on the host, but may cause programs that make incorrect assumptions based on the soft limit to misbehave. To get the previous behavior, you can set LimitNOFILE=1048576.This change currently only affects build containers created with docker build when using BuildKit with the docker driver. Future versions of containerd will also use this limit, which will cause this behavior to affect all containers, not only build containers.If you’re experiencing issues with the higher ulimit in systemd v240 or later, consider adding a system drop-in or override file to configure the ulimit settings for your setup. The Flatcar Container Linux documentation has a great article covering this topic in detail.
  • Add OpenTelemetry tracing. moby/moby#45652, moby/moby#45579
  • Add support for CDI devices under Linux. moby/moby#45134, docker/cli#4510, moby/moby#46004
  • Add an additional interval to be used by healthchecks during the container start period. moby/moby#40894, docker/cli#4405, moby/moby#45965
  • Add a --log-format flag to dockerd to control the logging format: text (default) or JSON. moby/moby#45737
  • Add support for recursive read-only mounts. moby/moby#45278, moby/moby#46037
  • Add support for filtering images based on timestamp with docker image ls --filter=until=<timestamp>. moby/moby#46577

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • API: Fix error message for invalid policies at ValidateRestartPolicy. moby/moby#46352
  • API: Update /info endpoint to use singleflight. moby/moby#45847
  • Add an error message for when specifying a Dockerfile filename with -f, and also using stdin. docker/cli#4346
  • Add support for mac-address and link-local-ip fields in --network long format. docker/cli#4419
  • Add support for specifying multiple --network flags with docker container create and docker run. moby/moby#45906
  • Automatically enable IPv6 on a network when an IPv6 subnet is specified. moby/moby#46455
  • Add support for overlay networks over IPv6 transport. moby/moby#46790
  • Configuration reloading is now more robust: if there’s an error during the configuration reload process, no configuration changes are applied. moby/moby#43980
  • Live restore: Containers with auto remove (docker run --rm) are no longer forcibly removed on engine restart. moby/moby#46857
  • Live restore: containers that are live-restored will now be given another health-check start period when the daemon restarts. moby/moby#47051
  • Container health status is flushed to disk less frequently, reducing wear on flash storage. moby/moby#47044
  • Ensure network names are unique. moby/moby#46251
  • Ensure that overlay2 layer metadata is correct. moby/moby#46471
  • Fix Downloading progress message on image pull. moby/moby#46515
  • Fix NetworkConnect and ContainerCreate with improved data validation, and return all validation errors at once. moby/moby#46183
  • Fix option when IPv6 and ip6tables are enabled. moby/moby#46446
  • Fix daemon’s cleanupContainer if containerd is stopped. moby/moby#46213
  • Fix returning incorrect HTTP status codes for libnetwork errors. moby/moby#46146
  • Fix various issues with images/json API filters and image list. moby/moby#46034
  • CIFS volumes now resolves FQDN correctly. moby/moby#46863
  • Improve validation of the userland-proxy-path daemon configuration option. Validation now happens during daemon startup, instead of producing an error when starting a container with port-mapping. moby/moby#47000
  • Set the MAC address of container’s interface when network mode is a short network ID. moby/moby#46406
  • Sort unconsumed build arguments before display in build output. moby/moby#45917
  • The docker image save tarball output is now OCI compliant. moby/moby#44598
  • The daemon no longer appends ACCEPT rules to the end of the INPUT iptables chain for encrypted overlay networks. Depending on firewall configuration, a rule may be needed to permit incoming encrypted overlay network traffic. moby/moby#45280
  • Unpacking layers with extended attributes onto an incompatible filesystem will now fail instead of silently discarding extended attributes. moby/moby#45464
  • Update daemon MTU option to BridgeConfig and display warning on Windows. moby/moby#45887
  • Validate IPAM config when creating a network. Automatically fix networks created prior to this release where --ip-range is larger than --subnet. moby/moby#45759
  • Containers connected only to internal networks will now have no default route set, making the connect syscall fail-fast. moby/moby#46603
  • containerd image store: Add image events for push, pull, and save. moby/moby#46405
  • containerd image store: Add support for pulling legacy schema1 images. moby/moby#46513
  • containerd image store: Add support for pushing all tags. moby/moby#46485
  • containerd image store: Add support for registry token. moby/moby#46475
  • containerd image store: Add support for showing the number of containers that use an image. moby/moby#46511
  • containerd image store: Fix a bug related to the ONBUILD, MAINTAINER, and HEALTHCHECK Dockerfile instructions. moby/moby#46313
  • containerd image store: Fix Pulling from progress message. moby/moby#46494
  • containerd image store: Add support for referencing images via the truncated ID with sha256: prefix. moby/moby#46435
  • containerd image store: Fix docker images showing intermediate layers by default. moby/moby#46423
  • containerd image store: Fix checking if the specified platform exists when getting an image. moby/moby#46495
  • containerd image store: Fix errors when multiple ADD or COPY instructions were used with the classic builder. moby/moby#46383
  • containerd image store: Fix stack overflow errors when importing an image. moby/moby#46418
  • containerd image store: Improve docker pull progress output. moby/moby#46412
  • containerd image store: Print the tag, digest, and size after pushing an image. moby/moby#46384
  • containerd image store: Remove panic from UpdateConfig. moby/moby#46433
  • containerd image store: Return an error when an image tag resembles a digest. moby/moby#46492
  • containerd image store: docker image ls now shows the correct image creation time and date. moby/moby#46719
  • containerd image store: Fix an issue handling user namespace settings. moby/moby#46375
  • containerd image store: Add support for pulling all tags (docker pull -a). moby/moby#46618
  • containerd image store: Use the domain name in the image reference as the default registry authentication domain. moby/moby#46779

Packaging updates



  • Deprecate API versions older than 1.24. Deprecation notice
  • Deprecate IsAutomated field and is-automated filter for docker search. Deprecation notice
  • API: Deprecate Container and ContainerConfig properties for /images/{id}/json (docker image inspect). moby/moby#46939


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