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Cities Skylines 2 Patch 1.1.0f1

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Entwickler Colossal Order Ltd. hat den Patch 1.1.0f1 für den Städtebausimulator Cities Skylines 2 veröffentlicht.

Cities Skylines 2 Patch Notes:

Asset Pack – Beach Properties (Paid Content)

  • New North American Waterfront Zoning
    • 30 New Buildings
    • 24 Additional Variants
  • New European Waterfront Zoning
    • 30 New Buildings
    • 24 Additional Variants
  • 4 New Palm Trees
  • 6 New Signature Buildings

Deluxe Relax Station (Paid Content)

  • 16 New Songs
  • New DJ Content

Editor & Modding

  • Added code modding support
  • Added modding toolchain installation & status (for creating code mods)
  • Added Editor with support for map creation
    • Import/export height map
    • Import resource map
    • Select climate
    • Add/edit water sources
    • Define map details, like name and theme
  • Added Paradox Mods integration for sharing of
    • Code mods
    • Save games
    • Custom maps


  • Optimized various systems to reduce frame-time spikes and overall simulation performance
  • Optimized frametime while placing buildings
  • Optimized slightly some culling scenarios
  • Optimized UI rendering, especially Widget system for photo mode and options
  • Reduced overhead of rendering curves in UI

General Fixes & Improvements

  • Added extinguishing sound for firefighting helicopters
  • Added automatic random rotation when placing single trees, bushes, and some props
  • Updated Bus stop, Bus shelter, Taxi Stand, Taxi shelter and Tram stop toolbar icons
  • Improved visibility of guidelines on snow
  • Improved default cursor for better visibility on snow
  • Improved Land Value System
    • Service Coverage of Healthcare, Education, Police and Telecom now affects Land Value
    • Reachability of Commercial Services now affects Land Value
    • Stops and Stations of Public Transportation now affect Land Value
    • Noise, Water, Air and Ground Pollution now affect Land Value
    • Shorelines now affects Land Value
    • Added a max limit to Land Value bonus factor
    • Replaced “Building Land Value” Info Mode with “Land Value Source” Info Mode in Land Value Info View
    • “Rent Too High” warning notifications are now highlighted when Land Value Info View is active
    • Added Land Value Tooltip to a cursor which shows the monetary value of the land or building where the building is located when Land Value Info View is active
  • Fixed crash to desktop when building with direct connection to pedestrian path levels up
  • Fixed crash to desktop soon after loading a save if the save was created shortly after the previous load / new game
  • Fixed crash to desktop when running the simulation after placing creatures with “AddObject” menu
  • Fixed crash to desktop when hovering over missing tree asset or clicking missing spawnable building asset.
  • Entire UI disappears permanently after clicking on Line Details of CO Vehicles when CS1 bonus is not available
  • Fixed crash to desktop occuring after performing certain actions and then relocating the building
  • Fixed cargo vehicles sometimes spawning in the middle of the cargo building
  • Fixed cargo vehicles very rarely use more than the first two loading bays in Cargo Terminals
  • Fixed buffer stops appearing on train outside connections (fixed for new connections)
  • Fixed service vehicles sometimes despawn after completing tasks (Potentially affects fire engines, police cars, maintenance vehicles, ambulances, hearses, and taxis)
  • Fixed vehicles stopping/slowing down at the wrong location when multiple vehicles are queuing to turn from a road into a building lot
  • Fixed first-person camera height on Tampere and San Francisco maps (height restriction now has a minimum of 4096 on maps with lower height scale)
  • Fixed pause menu save game notification having a visible string ID after save is complete
  • Fixed dead tree leaf colors to be brown
  • Fixed line color modifications only updating for one part of multi-part vehicles until hovered with the mouse
  • Fixed garbage trucks, road maintenance vehicles, and post vans using bus stop bays for driving through
  • Fixed flickering collision icon when placing/moving transport stop at the border between continuous road segments
  • Added achievement disable warning to the load game detail panel
  • Improved achievement warning banner text in the Load Game panel when Unlimited Money or Unlock All was already selected
  • Fixed several floating trees and props on buildings
  • Fixed UI breaking if there is a chirp with missing brand prefab
  • Fixed endless siren for the Early Disaster Warning System
  • Fixed notifications staying in the original place after relocating a building
  • Fixed water/sewage capacity notifications not working
  • Fixed the tornado event disappearing properly after being dismissed blocking the game from starting another tornado
  • Fixed piles on building lots (certain types of warehouses, coal power plant, recycling center) displaying the wrong resource type and amount currently stored
  • Fixed issues with some states getting stuck with almost all tools if mouse press and release happen during the same frame
  • Fixed intersection node icon to be the correct one
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to delete keyframes in two curve editors at the same time. Now when clicking outside of an editor, it will defocus keyframes in that editor.
  • Fixed pause button not working in Cinematic Camera
  • Fixed several issues when using a controller
  • Fixed changing either ‘Menu Music Volume’ or ‘Radio Volume’ after going back to the Main Menu causes the Radio Music to play
  • Improved cinematic camera smoothing control

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