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Cities Skylines 2 Patch 1.0.14f1

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Entwickler Colossal Order Ltd. hat den Patch 1.0.14f1 für den Städtebausimulator Cities Skylines 2 veröffentlicht.

Cities Skylines 2 Patch Notes:

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Reduced occurrences of texture resolution dropping
  • Fixed case where in-game would appear black when playing offline
  • Fixed undesired clothing variations
  • Fixed “Garbage Pilling Up” warning notification icon not being removed after garbage is collected
  • Fixed citizen model changing when characters go in/out of buildings
  • Increased citizen preference to park cars on building lots vs roadside
  • Fixed multiple pathfinding bugs and general improvements
  • Improved calculation accuracy for fitting pickups on parking lots
  • Fixed bug resetting line visibility when changing the Transport Overview Panel tab or transport type
  • Fixed flaws and optimized air pollution, especially on the Tampere map
  • Added “Under Construction” section and progress bar for spawnables SIP (Selected Info Panel)
  • Hid other SIP sections until building construction is completed
  • Added button to toggle visibility for whole list of lines at once
  • Balanced parking buildings’ construction and upkeep costs, electricity and water consumption, garbage accumulation, XP rewards and workplaces
  • Increased passive service coverage range and effect of the Elementary School, Medical Clinic, Hospital, Fire House, Fire Station, Police Station and Police Headquarters
  • Balanced processing and sewage capacity of Wastewater treatment plant Extra Processing Unit
  • Fixed coverage not shown fully green when placing Police station
  • Tweaked terrain cliff texture tiling and detail texture values
  • Fixed padding issues in the main menu
  • Fixed Japanese UI layout issues
  • Updated credits

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