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Backpack Battles Patch 0.6.1

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:


  • Both classes now start with more bags, more gold, less items
  • Reroll cost for the round is now scaled up after 3 and 9 rerolls
  • Subclasses are now picked in round 7 (down from 8)
  • Fancy Fencing Rapier: Cooldown 1.8s -> 1.7s
  • Mana Orb: Removed Mana limit and overflow effect
  • Reworked Manathirst: Removed Mana limit, life steal triggers on Mana gained and is increased by Vampirism. Accuracy 90% -> 100%
  • Falcon Blade: Cooldown 2s -> 2.2s
  • Carrot Goobert: Empower duration 5s -> 4s
  • Corrupted Crystal (Inventory): Cooldown 4.5s -> 5s
  • Mr. Struggles Cooldown 2.5s -> 3.0s
  • Piercing Arrow: Changed star shape, Luck chance 50% -> 40%
  • Reflect effects now reflect timed buff/debuff stacks with the same duration (this impacts Ruby Egg, Ruby Whelp and Mr. Struggles)
  • Steel Goobert: Block 14 -> 16
  • Death Scythe: Stamina cost 2 -> 1.5
  • Deck of Cards: Now gives +2 Luck at Start of battle
  • Lucky Piggy: Chance 20% -> 25%


  • Crit numbers are big again!


  • Default battle speed can now go down to 0
  • Added particles for Carrot Goobert
  • Temporary buff/debuff stacks now show their duration in the combat log, and when they timeout they are logged as timeouts
  • Reworded Blood Goobert
  • Added “Reflected” label

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