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Chart.js 2.6.0 Release

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Die Open Source und auf HTML5 und JavaScript basierte Chart Software, chart.js, wurde Ende Mai auf die Version 2.6.0 aktualisiert. In der neuen Version gab es viele Änderungen, Fehlerkorrekturen, Optimierungen und Verbesserungen.

Chart.js 2.6.0 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • #3782 The lineArc setting for the radial linear scale has been removed and replaced bygridLines.circular and pointLabels.display.
  • #4044 The bar controller internals has been refactored, therefore custom chart types that extend from the bar controller will need to be updated. More details can be found in this PR.


  • #3839 Chart.chart has been merged in Chart.
  • #3839 Chart.Controller has been merged in Chart.
  • #3959 Chart.Animation.animationObject has been merged in Chart.Animation.
  • #3959 Chart.Animation.chartInstance has been removed, use Chart.Animation.chart instead.
  • #4008 'zero', 'top', 'bottom' fill modes has been replaced by 'origin', 'start', 'end'.

New Features

  • #3599 New option to control the tooltip caret padding.
  • #3782 New option to handle displaying point labels on a radar chart.
  • #3782 New option to control if the lines appear as circles or straight lines.
  • #3812, #4094 Layout service now supports item ordering (item.weigth).
  • #3872 Added support for drawing tooltip borders. Thanks @marcelotedeschi
  • #3926 Added dataset update and draw plugin hooks.
  • #3963 Max bar thickness is now configurable. Thanks @seven7seven
  • #4008 Added support to fill between datasets.
  • #4019 New option for dashed 0 lines on axes. Thanks @lndobryden
  • #4065 Added before and after functionality to the steppedLine option. Thanks @ericnkatz


  • #2043 Added documentation for high performance charting.
  • #2325 Updated documentation for extending chart types.
  • #2362 Added documentation for multi-chart and multi-axis.
  • #2386 Updated documentation for custom tooltips implementation.
  • #3274, #3299 Improved documentation on axis range settings.
  • #3662 Added documentation for extending scales.
  • #3751 Documentation has been fully rewritten and is now based on Gitbook.
  • #3826 Improved performance for time scale label parsing. Thanks @tredston.
  • #3893 Improved axis default positions so that x axes default to bottom and y axes default to left.
  • #3897 Chart data can now be entirely replaced using = {...}.
  • #3960 Improved element transitioning by removing color exceptions.
  • #4034 Tooltips with no content are not anymore drawn. Thanks @samueljo
  • #4043, #4153 Added a showcase page for samples.
  • #4078 Added a better error message when the chart type is incorrect.
  • #3914 Time scale internals improved to be simpler and more efficient. Thanks @tredston
  • #4166 Enhanced the responsive documentation.
  • #4167 Made it clear that labels need to be specified when using a category axis on a line chart.
  • #4170 Added documentation for updating data.
  • #4178 Reorganize extension docs. Thanks @benmccann
  • #4183 Removed unnecessary variable. Thanks @benmccann

Issues Fixed

  • #2481 chart instanceof Chart now returns true.
  • #3118 Fixed documentation for scatter chart.
  • #3237 Fixed getElementAtEvent() return type documentation.
  • #3490 Added documentation for axes autoSkipPadding option.
  • #3585 Fixed stacked bar charts with log axes.
  • #3792 Fixed stacked bar displaying NaN when all datasets are hidden. Thanks @Jareechang
  • #3842 Removed trailing ‘:’ in tooltip label when dataset label is undefined.
  • #3856 Tooltip callbacks were called on mouse move even if data did not change. Thanks@Jareechang
  • #3883 Fixed deprecated Chart.PluginBase definition.
  • #3860 Correctly handle decimal canvas display size.
  • #3899 Grouped bars that are not stacked are now displayed correctly. Thanks @potatopeelings
  • #3909 Avoid fails from server-side renderings. Thanks @khorolets
  • #3911 Fixed missing onComplete animation argument and updated associated doc.
  • #3945 Fixed use of native reserved keyword as a parameter name.
  • #3960 Fixed element initial implicit transition.
  • #4032 Radar chart are now centered horizontally. Thanks @shirosaki
  • #4039 Fixed line-customTooltips.html example scroll offset. Thanks @el-ee
  • #4062 Fixed misplaced data points on category scale. Thanks @martinzuern
  • #4064 Fixed scale min and max when dataset contains no values. Thanks @GabrielMancik
  • #4086 Fixed pointRadius and pointHitRadius config for radar charts.
  • #4100 Updated the documentation bar chart example to begin at zero.
  • #4105 Ensured that scale width cannot be greater than maxWidth. Thanks @tredston
  • #4140 Fixed shorthand legend: false and title: false.
  • #4149, #4155 Fixed and merged contributing documentation. Thanks @benmccann
  • #4165 Fixed failing instanceof when reading context from iframe or a protected environment.
  • #4192 Fixed legend and title layout options update.
  • #4254 Fixed images being used as a pointStyle not rendering at custom dimensions


  • #3839 Added unit tests for deprecations.
  • #3986 Cleaned up and upgraded unit tests environment.
  • #3988 Introduced unit test based on image comparison.
  • #4075 Refactored gulp coverage task in gulp unittest --coverage.
  • #4076 Moved legend and title in the plugins folder.
  • #4222 Removed executable bit from js files. Thanks @benmccann

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