Cacti in Version 1.1.15 erschienen

Das RRDTool basierte Webtool zur Erzeugung von Graphen, Cacti, ist gestern in Version 1.1.15 erschienen.

Cacti Release Notes 1.1.15

  • issue: PHP Fatal Exception on upgrade from 1.1.11 or earlier
  • feature: Added test to detect install upgrade code problems

Hier noch die letzten Release Notes für diesen Monat und den Cacti Versionen:

Cacti Release Notes 1.1.14

  • issue#849: Unable to select host in Graph Item pick
  • issue#850: Reporting not allowing Non-templated Graphs
  • issue#858: Pagination on SNMP Options wrong
  • issue#860: Network Discovery Subnet Range character limit too small
  • issue#861: The search filter does not support Cyrillic
  • issue#862: Automation – When editing Graph Rules, unable to Change Data Query
  • issue#863: Typo error in auth_login.php for LDAP authentication
  • issue#867: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in auth_profile.php
  • issue: Link’s not showing in Automation Graph and Tree rules on Sunshine theme
  • issue: Make Templates Export responsive
  • issue: Don’t wrap menu glyphs and menuitems
  • issue: The function get_order_string() can fail when encountering reserved word columns
  • issue: Data Query Delete is not using callback
  • feature: Resize Graphs on Graph page to be responsive
  • feature: Make import text a hidden field as it is likely seldom used

Cacti Release Notes 1.1.13

  • issue#605: Remove Spikes feature not fully functional
  • issue#814: Allow ‘Save’ feature from New Graphs
  • issue#837: Using the add_device.php CLI script, you can not ‘default’ the device threads to other than 1
  • issue#838: CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in link.php
  • issue#839: The Database column name ‘rows’ is a reserved word in MariaDB 10.2+
  • issue#845: External links tabs should appear at the end of the tab view
  • issue#846: Web crawl of Cacti site shows errors in the log
  • issue#847: CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in lib/html_form.php.
  • issue#853: Go and Clear buttons do not work in all cases on Graph Rules pages
  • issue: Up/Down arrow titles labeled incorrectly on Tree Management page
  • issue: Make the default Export Type a Device Template
  • issue: Fix SNMPagent MIB cache issues
  • issue: Realtime cache cleanup now only removes rrd and png
  • issue: When redirected from reports, you can receive a validation error
  • feature: updated Dutch language

Cacti Release Notes 1.1.12

  • issue#822: Aggregate Graph Items are incorrectly editable
  • issue#823: Allow Filters to be hidden
  • issue#834: Add spacing on graphs pages
  • issue: Uninstalled plugins can not install
  • issue: Location of filter functions in host.php prevent full responsive filter implementation
  • feature: Implement first phase of responsive search filters

Cacti Release Notes 1.1.11

  • issue#642: RRA not written or WARNING: Poller Output Table not Empty
  • issue#779: PHP running out of memory due to date format issues
  • issue#791: SeLinux causing problems due to recent enhancement of the Cacti log
  • issue#818: Unable to unselect all SpikeKill templates under settings
  • issue#831: Unable to add devices from automation devices that don’t have a snmpSysname
  • issue: incorrect version of pace: fix progess bar
  • issue: date_format(): fix date separator character
  • issue: host.php: fix itemCount en rowCount when result = null
  • issue: clog: fix scandir for systems with limited permissions to log directory
  • issue: clog: fix listing of logfiles
  • issue: Stop New Graphs filter interface from taking too much space
  • issue: Pagination of clog is not done via ajax
  • issue: Unable to dry run spikekill’s from Graphs page
  • issue: Default sort order does not highlight on Aggregate Template page
  • issue: Correct display issue with Graph Templates when editing Device
  • issue: External Data Sources show as having poller interval on Data Source page
  • issue: Allow Selecting ‘External’ as the Data Source Profile when creating non-templated Data Source
  • issue: Remove Field Order on Data Input output data as it’s not required
  • issue: Data Templates not using Ajax callbacks to switch Data Sources
  • issue: Visual issue when creating non-templated Aggregate Graphs
  • feature: new skin: Sunrise
  • feature: Provide Non Compatible explanation when a plugin is not compatible
  • feature: Updated Dutch translations
  • feature: Allow Graph Templates with multiple flag to be created repeatedly from Graphs
  • New interface
  • feature: Allow plugins to exclude files and directories from their remote poller synchronization process
  • feature: Add Device Description to View Poller Cache UI

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