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Blender 3.4.1 erschienen

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Die freie Open-Source 3D-Grafiksuite Blender, die für Windows, macOS und Linux installierbar ist, erhielt das Bugfix Update 3.4.1 LTS. Dieses bringt keine neuen Feature, behebt aber ca. 35 Fehler der 3.4.0 LTS Version.

Blender 3.4.1 Release Notes

  • Allow Win32 Diacritical Composition T103119
  • Box trim does not create face sets attribute T103052
  • Changed behavior when removing a material slot T103051
  • Cycles can lose default color attribute T103143
  • Cycles missing full constant foler for mix float and mix vector T103066
  • Cycles random animation rendering freezing up the application T103101
  • Cycles specular light leak regression T103049
  • Fix cursor warping display under Wayland rB18cc1b11
  • glTF exporter: Fix export VertexColor for loose edges & vertices rBAfea0e8e
  • glTF importer: Fix import ShaderNodeMix with VertexColor rBAb17b70d
  • glTF: Fix factors export after Mix Node change in Blender rBA3fbcd35
  • GPencil applying armature does not work T103234
  • GPencil Array doesn’t respect restriction in Offset T102992
  • GPencil export to SVG wrong line thickness T103061
  • GPencil Line Texture last point gets distorted T103037
  • GPencil Multiframe Scale affects stroke thickness inversely T103293
  • GPencil: Fix unreported interpolate crash in empty layers rBc2e7bf39
  • GPU: Fix using FLOAT_2D_ARRAY and FLOAT_3D textures via Python. rBfd9b1972
  • Ignore unavailable sockets linked to multi-input socket rB7608ebe4
  • Initialize face sets from bevel weights broken T103195
  • Invalid font size in the image editor with some scripts T102213
  • Mouse escapes window during walk navigation T102346
  • NodeSocket.node is None in Node.copy callback T103321
  • Opening node search menu is slow because of assets. T103187
  • PLY: Fix export with UVs T103203
  • Prevent UV Unwrap from packing hidden UV islands T103237
  • Sculpt: Wpaint gradient tool doesn’t work with vertex mask T101914
  • Stopping Animation in Some Scenes Immediately Crashes Blender T103008
  • Storypencil add-on not being shipped with release builds. rBAa61732a
  • Storypencil clears all frame_change_post handlers. T103028
  • UI: broken texpaintslot/color attributes/attributes name filtering T102878
  • UI: Hotkey conflict Alt D in Node Editor with Duplicate Linked and Detach T102276
  • Unavailable socket linked to multi-input socket crashes T103208
  • Undo after mask extract doesn’t restore active object T103261
  • ViewLayer: Crash in indirect_only_get due to missing null check T103031
  • Workbench render crash in 3.4 T103067

Quelle: Reference/Release Notes/3.4/Corrective Releases – Blender Developer Wiki

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