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Die freie Open-Source 3D-Grafiksuite, Blender, erhielt das Bugfix Update 3.4.1 LTS. Dieses bringt keine neuen Feature, behebt aber ca. 35 Fehler der 3.4.0 LTS Version.

Blender 3.4.1 Release Notes

  • Allow Win32 Diacritical Composition T103119
  • Box trim does not create face sets attribute T103052
  • Changed behavior when removing a material slot T103051
  • Cycles can lose default color attribute T103143
  • Cycles missing full constant foler for mix float and mix vector T103066
  • Cycles random animation rendering freezing up the application T103101
  • Cycles specular light leak regression T103049
  • Fix cursor warping display under Wayland rB18cc1b11
  • glTF exporter: Fix export VertexColor for loose edges & vertices rBAfea0e8e
  • glTF importer: Fix import ShaderNodeMix with VertexColor rBAb17b70d
  • glTF: Fix factors export after Mix Node change in Blender rBA3fbcd35
  • GPencil applying armature does not work T103234
  • GPencil Array doesn’t respect restriction in Offset T102992
  • GPencil export to SVG wrong line thickness T103061
  • GPencil Line Texture last point gets distorted T103037
  • GPencil Multiframe Scale affects stroke thickness inversely T103293
  • GPencil: Fix unreported interpolate crash in empty layers rBc2e7bf39
  • GPU: Fix using FLOAT_2D_ARRAY and FLOAT_3D textures via Python. rBfd9b1972
  • Ignore unavailable sockets linked to multi-input socket rB7608ebe4
  • Initialize face sets from bevel weights broken T103195
  • Invalid font size in the image editor with some scripts T102213
  • Mouse escapes window during walk navigation T102346
  • NodeSocket.node is None in Node.copy callback T103321
  • Opening node search menu is slow because of assets. T103187
  • PLY: Fix export with UVs T103203
  • Prevent UV Unwrap from packing hidden UV islands T103237
  • Sculpt: Wpaint gradient tool doesn’t work with vertex mask T101914
  • Stopping Animation in Some Scenes Immediately Crashes Blender T103008
  • Storypencil add-on not being shipped with release builds. rBAa61732a
  • Storypencil clears all frame_change_post handlers. T103028
  • UI: broken texpaintslot/color attributes/attributes name filtering T102878
  • UI: Hotkey conflict Alt D in Node Editor with Duplicate Linked and Detach T102276
  • Unavailable socket linked to multi-input socket crashes T103208
  • Undo after mask extract doesn’t restore active object T103261
  • ViewLayer: Crash in indirect_only_get due to missing null check T103031
  • Workbench render crash in 3.4 T103067

Quelle: Reference/Release Notes/3.4/Corrective Releases – Blender Developer Wiki

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