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Bind DNS 9.18.17 Bugfix Release


Der Open-Source DNS Server BIND erhielt je Zweig ein Update und liegt nun in der Version 9.18.17 vor.

Bind DNS 9.18.17 Release Notes

Feature Changes

  • If a response from an authoritative server has its RCODE set to FORMERR and contains an echoed EDNS COOKIE option that was present in the query, named now retries sending the query to the same server without an EDNS COOKIE option. [GL #4049]
  • The relaxed QNAME minimization mode now uses NS records. This reduces the number of queries named makes when resolving, as it allows the non-existence of NS RRsets at non-referral nodes to be cached in addition to the normally cached referrals. [GL #3325]

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

  • There are no new known issues with this release. See above for a list of all known issues affecting this BIND 9 branch.

Quelle: Release Notes — BIND 9 9.18.17 documentation (

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