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BigBlueButton Release 2.6.2 – 2.6.3 und 2.6.4 erschienen

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Webkonferenzsystems mit Integration in verschiedene Lern- und Inhaltsplattformen, haben das Bugfix Release 2.6.2, 2.6.3 und 2.6.4 in den letzten Tagen veröffentlicht. Dieses Releases beheb Fehler u.a. im Whiteboard, dem Core, der Teilnehmerliste und weiteren Bereichen. Die Updates sorgen so für mehr Stabilität des Webkonferenzsystems BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton 2.6.2 Release Notes

This 2.6 iteration contains mostly fixes to the client. The whiteboard toolbars can now be hidden so they don’t cover slide contents.

HTML5 client




  • refactor: Migration of the API to async for Meteor 3.0 by @Scroody in #17388



  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘hu_HU’ by @transifex-integration in #17528 #17476
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fr’ by @transifex-integration in #17540 #17426 #17462 #17484
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘tr’ by @transifex-integration in #17516 #17483 #17646
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘ja’ by @transifex-integration in #17482
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘el_GR’ by @transifex-integration in #17481 #17663
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘gl’ by @transifex-integration in #17480 #17549 #17568
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘ru’ by @transifex-integration in #17479 #17544
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘es_ES’ by @transifex-integration in #17566 #17478 #17547
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fa_IR’ by @transifex-integration in #17477 #17665
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘hy’ by @transifex-integration in #17475 #17570
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘es’ by @transifex-integration in #17474 #17548 #17567
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘et’ by @transifex-integration in #17473 #17575
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘nl’ by @transifex-integration in #17572
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘de’ by @transifex-integration in #17472 #17565
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘eu’ by @transifex-integration in #17471 #17510
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘uk_UA’ by @transifex-integration in #17546 #17497
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘pt’ by @transifex-integration in #17643


  • refactor: Moves user color picker to akka-apps (instead of meteor-backend) by @gustavotrott in #17495
  • refactor: Stores user-isMobile flag in akka-apps (instead of only in Meteor/Mongo) by @gustavotrott in #17496
  • fix (bbb-web): invalid default value for disabledFeatures when config is missing by @gustavotrott in #17506


  • recording-and-playback/presentation: Fix hiding tldraw cursors by @kepstin in #17439

build and configuration


  • docs: fix for references for the data sources by @GuiLeme in #17491
  • fix(docs): set Greenlight v3 as default reference for Greenlight by @scouillard in #17386
  • docs: Insert documentation for hidePresentationOnJoin by @GuiLeme in #17418
  • docs: Fix for tables broken references by @GuiLeme in #17463
  • docs: open 80 and 443 for Let’s Encrypt (backport of #17353 by @hiros… by @antobinary in #17522
  • docs: add a note in 2.6 what’s new about assets dir for default.pdf by @antobinary in #17485
  • docs: Add missing step to switch to bigbluebutton user in by @antobinary in #17371
  • docs: Update breakout capture API reference by @danielpetri1 in #17519
  • docs: include info on TURN being set up by default in 2.6+ by @antobinary in #17550
  • docs: Added Relative URL … Setup section to Greenlight 3 install chapter. by @KH-Amir-TN in #17432
  • docs: Add removable and downloadable in the documentation by @GuiLeme in #17660

Full Changelogv2.6.1…v2.6.2

BigBlueButton 2.6.3 Release Notes

This 2.6 iteration contains mostly fixes to the client. An issue with the dial-in users not appearing in the participants list in 2.6.2 has been fixed.

HTML5 client


  • fix: Patch Auto Hidden Tools To Stay Invisible On Page Change by @KDSBrowne in #17667
  • Fix: Presentation un-minimizing when exiting external video or screen sharing. by @ramonlsouza in #17673
  • fix: Prevent Canvas Selection While Using Stylus On iPad by @KDSBrowne in #17678


  • fix: dial-in-participants not appearing in the participant list by @gustavotrott in #17674

build and configuration

  • fix (bbb-conf): warning about property ‘disabledFeatures’ has no value by @gustavotrott in #17672

Full Changelogv2.6.2…v2.6.3

BigBlueButton 2.6.4 Release Notes

This iteration of BigBlueButton 2.6 includes a couple fixes for the HTML5 client – improvements for the whiteboard on iPads and for selecting/copying text from the client. Another fix for the formatting of the maxUsers field is also included.

HTML5 client

  • fix: Disable Canvas Magnifier On iPad While Using Canvas by @KDSBrowne in #17685


  • fix: Do not format maxUsers in the getMeetings API response by @danimo in #17690

Full Changelogv2.6.3…v2.6.4

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