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UltiMaker Cura 5.2.2 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Ultimaker hat die Open-Source und 3D Slice Software, Cura, aktualisiert und diese nun in Version 5.2.2 bereit gestellt. Diese kann sowohl für Windows, Linux als auch MacOS installiert werden. UltiMaker Cura dient dem slicen, also umwandeln von 3D-Modellen in G-Code zum Druck dieser Modelle auf 3D-Druckern.

UltiMaker Cura 5.2.2 Release Notes

Introducing the UltiMaker S7: Included support for the new UltiMaker S7

Bug fixes:

  • Allow UltiMaker S7 printers to receive Material Profiles
  • Printer definitions, profiles and materials:
  • Improved Initial Layer settings for UltiMaker S7, S5, and S3 printers
  • Disabled Support Towers for UltiMaker S7, S5, and S3 printers
  • Cleaned up material profiles, by removing duplicate setting segments, and unused elements
  • Updated preferred quality type for all UltiMaker 3D printers

Known critical issues

  • Support is sometimes missing in detailed parts, where previous releases supported them properly (still). (Will probably not be fixed in stable. This is currently slated for 5.3)
  • Multiple external monitors on Windows (especially if from the same brand) might be a problem under some circumstances. (Will probably not be fixed in stable.)
  • If you are looking for an AppImage for your Linux OS we recommend using linux.AppImage. If you run into issues with launching your AppImage, we have linux-modern.AppImage ready as an alternative.

Does Cura (not) work on your OS (version)? See this article for clarification.

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