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Tine 2.0 Community Edition 2020.03.4 Update

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt ein neues Updates. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update führt einen DB Logger ein der es ermöglicht die Logs in die Datenbank zu schreiben. Gelesen können diese im Tine 2.0. Admin Modul. Das Update bring 29 Features und behebt über 60 Fehler.

Tine 2.0 CE 2020.03.4 Release Notes

DB Logger

Tine 2.0 admins are now able to configure a DB logger, that logs into a database table.
The logs can be viewed in the Tine 2.0 Admin module

See 6f6c444 (feature(Admin): DB Logger) for more information.



  • 6f6c444 feature(Admin): DB Logger
  • 0d922d6 feature(Tinebase/Controller): add _inspectAutoincrement
  • ab6638e feature(ci) adds PHPUNIT_FILTER var to filter all phpunit tests
  • d06128e feature(Calendar): adds color scheme generation for calendar
  • 82f06f2 feature(Tinebase): client resolve record fields
  • 048e78b feature(Tinebase): allow roleChange for AS/xDAV
  • b069e26 feature(Tinebase): remember last filePicker locationType
  • ffe5c97 feature(Filemanager): inline editing of file names
  • e354b63 feature(Tinebase/Frontend): implement maintenance mode
  • 099aba4 feature(Calendar/Cli): add reportBigEventAttachments
  • 4f10ecd feature(Tinebase): allow to open new mainWindows
  • bf63018 feature(Tasks): have summary editable in grid
  • 4c9b49a feature(Tinebase): allow to open new mainWindows
  • 820f904 feature(Tinebase/Export): create zip for multiple report files
  • 0601599 feature(Tinebase/Http): api returns file location
  • cd57537 feature(Tinebase): add export options dialog
  • 79b0b68 feature(Admin/EmailAccount): update script adds missing mail accounts
  • d63631a feature(ci): servertests
  • 9f06579 feature(DemoData): backport from 2020.11
  • c84f297 feature(Demodata): add history notes for import records
  • ed665d5 feature(Admin/Demodata): add grants system for import
  • 6c66250 feature(Admin/Demodata): add import for pin
  • 9ee4147 feature(Timetracker): show accounting_time in grid summary
  • 4954788 feature(Sales): add update duplicate check
  • 9bec35b feature(Calendar): support explicit event cancled status
  • e3a4ce6 feature(Addressbook/Export): add VCardReport
  • 8dde2cf feature(Calendar/Export): make download VCalendarReport downloadable
  • b78a46f feature(Calendar/Export): add VCalendarReport
  • b4d10ed feature(Tinebase/ImportExport): add plugin_options_definition


  • ebbf3ae fix(PollClient) updates js packages and fix attendee data processing
  • 033e339 fix(Tinebase/Log): remove JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK from json logger
  • 1d49765 fix(docker) logger
  • 42874d1 fix(TB Date Filter) fix wrong usage of ‘t’
  • 41b10f7 fix(Felamimail): send Filemanager attachments
  • 64fcc28 fix(Felamimail/Sieve): make SIEVE_REDIRECT_ONLY_INTERNAL work
  • 828d608 fix(ci) push to docker hub
  • dfce333 fix(Tinebase/X-Tool): wrong position of arrows
  • 24cc502 fix(docker): build js file cleanup deletes to many files
  • 7d5276a fix(Tinebase/Export): make returnFileLocation work for all exports
  • c8cf1f6 fix(ci) base image is missing if nightly rebuild failes
  • 5f872d2 fix(Tinebase/FieldManager): switch fieldDef.Name and fieldDef.fieldName
  • e5a915f fix(Calendar/Export): make recur exceptions and alarms work in ics
  • 683ac39 fix(Sales): move to new getEventData signature
  • e5feda2 fix(Tinebase): Fix broken fieldDefinition for virtual type fields
  • e9f41a1 fix(CRM/Keyfields): don´t switch to the default keyfieldvalue
  • cc7ede7 fix(Tinebase/Pinmode): unlock needs string
  • b1f7de5 fix(TB VObject export) remove php warning
  • 1f5eb1c fix(ci build) fix merge
  • c42b31c fix(Admin/ImportExportDefinitions): restore plugin_options
  • ca0696c fix(TB FS) reuse delete tree node: meta data fixed
  • 33e1826 fix(Tinebase): autoChunkNaming not working in build
  • 2f46888 fix(Tinebase): modelConfig autocomplete fields not working
  • fe9008b fix(ci test): use mariadb:10.4.1
  • e408de5 fix(Calendar) attendee displaycontainer constraint on delete set null
  • 37ee1ac fix(TB WebDav) MultiGet404Plugin fix 404 case with uri !== href
  • 3714f45 fix(docker) compile gd with jpg support
  • 019c144 fix(Calendar): poll client concurrent updates
  • cf089d4 fix(Tinebase/EmailUser): notify imap quota only if configured
  • 1e72ca0 fix(Calendar/ActiveSync): handle non-existing event
  • d91cb98 fix(Admin/User): only add quota info with enabled imap email config
  • 8a361c6 fix(Tinebase): wrong autoChunk directory
  • ecca4ec fix(Tinebase/Export): getDownloadFilename fn signature has changed
  • c7ce7f9 fix(TB Export Doc) fix twig tempalte newlines
  • 17c3130 fix(Tinebase/Export): fix some export issues
  • 9753c3a fix(Felamimail/e2etests): add waitFor of change email preference
  • ae06fc8 fix(Felamimail/Rule): set app for translation if unset
  • 997961d fix(Tinebase/Logger): request/transaction_id need to be string
  • ed9be92 HR(fix typo) feature check condition typo fixed
  • 73b2f4c fix(Tinebase/Ldap): don’t update contact if data missing
  • e77ba1a fix(Tinebase/Notes): prevent modlog acl problems
  • cb8ff62 fix(Timetracker/Export): disabled exportButton in EditDialog
  • 46117a5 fix(Felamimail/Account): shorten fk length
  • 4592751 fix(Admin/User): create/update user with password_must_change
  • 617e40a fix(Tinebase): dynamic code must be in js base dir
  • eb7cf0d fix(Timetracker/Timesheets): total sum should be duration sum
  • c44731c fix(Tinebase): move js assets to right directory
  • 813d121 fix(ci/servertest) skip failing test
  • ec4b3e3 fix(HumanResources): contract date boarder handling fixed
  • a539b99 fix(ci/servertest) skip failing test
  • b40ffc2 fix(TB App Uninstall) remove multiple root folders in case they would exist
  • 37fd806 fix(Setup): allow to update all apps without selection
  • 8f6d2ab fix(TB Replication) role not found
  • 145dcba fix(Sales Invoice) on delete of last invoice, set last_autobill = null
  • abd3765 fix(Tinebase/e2etests): fix some unstable parts in tests
  • 183f186 fix(Addressbook/Contact): fix exceeding max row size
  • 91b4004 fix(Tinebase/Export): use json converter for export defs
  • f1a1c6a fix(Felamimail/Account): handle existing system folder
  • 9c220e5 fix(Tinebase/Duplicate): use lodash function
  • 09010a8 fix(Calendar/ActiveSync): convert TZ to type 3
  • 6578959 fix(Calendar/Export): only resolve events
  • a69385b fix(Sales Invoice) fix last_autobill out of bounds


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