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Tine 2.0 Community Edition 2020.03.2 und 2020.03.1

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt seit Anfang Dezember 3 Updates. Das aktuell ist das Update 2019.12.3. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Vor wenigen Tage wurde die Version 2020.03.2 veröffentlicht, die einige Fehler korrigiert und neue Features mitbringt. Zurvor wurde am 19. März die Version 2020.03.1 veröffentlicht, die zahlreiche Fehler korrigiert.

Tine 2.0 Release Notes 2020.03.2

7e8225c tweak(ci) do not run pipelines for feature branches
0c96a31 tweak(Tinebase/FilesystemPreviews): create previews now is a feature
03a1e66 feature(Tinebase/PreviewService): allow to disable proxy for preview
47b54dc feature(Calendar): import resource
c389182 feature(Filemanager): add Demodata csv import.
ed60be7 feature(Tinebase/Cli): add repairFSAclNodes
fe28d23 feature(Felamimail): switch grid columns and filter for sent folder
8cd4486 feature(Addressbook): set private grant cli script
52c9438 feature(Calendar): allow custom periods in gridView
ef93180 feature(Setup/Cli): add verbose mode to –update
86cb6ef feature(ci): phpstan code quality reports
8356c43 feature(Tinebase/EmailUser): activate EMAIL_USER_ID_IN_XPROPS by default
5dd9d89 feature(Tinebase): make expanding of layerCombos interceptable
330589e feature(Addressbook): Add Contact private grant

0f56471 fix(Calendar): fix property access in log
108fde4 fix(Filemanager): tempfile ID might be false
6d7c956 fix(ci build) do not use previous commits as cache
496bfd0 fix(tests): add missing ‘s’ to $suites var
2129ea9 fix(ci phpstan) include baseline.yaml in test image
766894e fix(Addressbook/Demodata): change import test for demodata
314cb6c fix(TB test) redis test failed in gitlab env
26a37fd fix(Tinebase/WebDAV): skip 404 children
bc46441 fix(HR test) use default locale explicitly
45a873e fix(Tinebase/js): remove problematic onPreferenceChange listener
77f1dad fix(Tinebase): safari keeps reloading page
8e2d560 fix(e2etests): wrong day in calendar
0ae3866 fix(ci) gyp install and no cache option
e451677 fix(TB ForeignId Filter) subfilter not matching lead to bad sql
aef939a fix(ci) broken npm install
a6be05b fix(Tinebase/EditDialog): checkStates after load
9287601 fix(TB Relation/ForeignRecord Filter) fix “not set” behavior
8171922 fix(Admin): update new adb container of user
539657e fix(Addressbook/Contact): only check grant with valid user object
d116ab2 fix(Felamimail/Json): skip preparedPart on error
3920808 fix(Addressbook/Json): prevent undefined index in searchEmailAddresss
b6ccb56 fix(Tinebase/Westpanel): westpanel width + scrollbarwidth
f699082 fix(ci): use docker buildkit caching, multistage build
3c74791 fix(Addressbook): filter ActiveSync input for db
259ad26 fix(Felammimail): filter imip input for db
d0fbb12 fix(Admin/EmailAccount): grants need update when moving Account.php
5beb5b4 fix(TB Export Doc) fix broken makros for twig templates too
ccd64ed fix(TB export) fix twig template feature

Tine 2.0 Release Notes 2020.03.1

4d0b75c feature(Addressbook/Import): add DE Outlook 2010 import definition
3f05370 feature(Tinebase/Previews): resetErrorCount on fileSystemCheckPreviews
4c8e513 feature(Admin/EmailAccount): convert from system to userInternal
3bd28eb feature(Sales/Products): show product attributes in grid
65dae7f feature(Felamimail/Grid): allow to move to all accounts
f1ff9e7 feature(Filemanager): add file name filter
bbc6a3e feature(Admin/User): do not create email account without password
d89a38d feature(ci): gitlab ci
215ab88 feature(ci): gitlab ci
fb8cc96 feature(Setup/Cli): add update_needed cli
d8d5390 feature(Felamimail/Compose): improve contact/list filtering
f3fb025 feature(Filemanager): enable favorites panel in filemanager
26e3e97 feature(Task): add pref for default alarm
60cedbd feature(test/e2etest): backport from 2020.11
987bfd7 feature(TB add json api restoreRevision for VFS node)
71d9895 feature(Admin/Cli): add enableAutoMoveNotificationsinSystemEmailAccounts

2839140 fix(Calender PeriodFilter) return json in user timezone, not utc
203100c fix(Filemanager/Node): _createNodeFromTempfile might return null
6d9cd51 fix(Felamimail): can’t forward attachments
218c1e5 fix(Admin/Config) store everything json unquoted
d9c0f38 fix(Tinebase): check if record has no id when filing message
f3e6365 fix(Admin/Import): prevent undefined index ‘primarydomain’
9b1dec4 fix(Timetracker): disable export button in editDialog
5b39b84 fix(Demodata): some fixes for import
d2bb9e2 fix(Admin/User): make sorting by creation_time work
daa62b1 fix update tests
6bbe865 fix(TB Server WebDav) do not debug log get response or put requests
1de5a9b fix(Felamimail): pressed state did not reflect preference
b728dfb fix(TB Export) record resolving for multiple datasources
81c0f5e fix(Tinebase/Import): make append work again in csv import #7159
3182714 fix(Addressbook/GridPanel): select adb container in import
0f86fbe fix(php7.4): some more php 7.4 fixing (mostly tests)
941fef2 fix(php7.4): update opendocument lib
fc78aac fix(Admin/EmailAccount): don’t reset user email account
dc6ffdf fix(Tinebase) tag mass attach layout prop in chrome
727ea55 fix(Felamimail): drafts are dublicated multiple times
3ce01df fix(Felamimail/Account): make userInternal accounts work
7e179af fix(Tinebase/FileSystem): make upload/save files work for windows servers #7141
2925198 fix(Addressbook): save duplicate contact with image failed
d18d12f fix admin cli deleteuser/account
f322e4c fix(Filemanager): show info when no preview is available
1535cd4 fix(Tinebase/Server): undefined method Tinebase_Http_Request::getId
f7e3a61 fix(Tinebase Notes) update notes must not resolve created_by
eb04b1e fix(Addressbook): structure panel throws error when empty
79eff00 fix(HR test fixing)
a62549d fix(Admin/EmailAccount): remove email user xprops on convert
9dd5f23 fix(Tinebase/TempFile): add missing fn deleteTempFile
10b3d6f fix(Felamimail): Can’t update Email Accounts without Sieve Server #6851
d988904 fix(Felamimail): fetch user from old record
a46b0d9 fix(Admin/EmailAccount): make getAccountUsername work for system accounts
bbb905f fix(Felamimail/Account): disable sieve notification fields
f374ed1 fix(Tinebase/FilterPlugin): prevent missing container problem
5f41c93 fix(TB cli monitoring api) minor cache monitoring change
9dade58 fix(Felamimail/Http): handle program flow failures
4d23b84 fix(HumanResources Update) legacy working time scheme may have outdated types
826f2e8 fix (HR Setup Update) code cleanup
94fde00 fix(TB tests) cleanNotes test fail during update tests fixed
af84bf4 fix(e2etests): random fail of waitingForSelector
e0db36d fix(Tinebase/ActivitiesPanel): use beforeload the preference pageSize
5fe986c fix(Tinebase): resolve contact/systemcontact
249dbd2 fix(Tinebase): truncate login name and user agent
875085b fix(Tinebase): one page previews can’t be scrolled
b7351c1 fix(php7.4) update phpoffice/phpspreadsheet
c01b344 fix(TB ActionQueue iterateAllData) fix redis interaction for “scan”
5d9c1cf fix(TB ActionQueue) fix time field of data map
49bae7a fix(TB restoreRevision) added more tests, fixed bugs
d625148 fix(TB / Filemanager) savePersistentFilter with pathFitlers failed
3c14331 fix(Tinebase): backend does not always resolve path
9eeebd0 fix(Tinebase/EmailUser): return email user props
b88100a fix(Admin/EmailAccount): check account type before setting sieve script
c21b1e8 fix(e2etests): remove duplicate test files
c289b91 fix(TB restore revision) fm and attachments behave same re overwritting
ea2010c fix(Tasks/ActiveSync): sanitize task priority
94663d3 tweak(Felamimail/Imap): suppress iconv errors in _fixHeaderEncoding
eabe8bf fix(Admin/EmailAccounts): prepare sieve admin access for update
5e4b3b0 test(Admin): fix test fails


Update bei Standardinstallation All-In-One

kurz die Schritte:

  • Backup des tine 2.0 Verzeichnisses
  • Backup der tine 2.0 Datenbank: mysqldump -u <tine-db-user> -p <tine-db> > tine20.sql
  • löschen des aktuellen tine 2.0 Verzeichnisses
  • Download: # wget
  • extrahieren in tine 2.0 Verzeichnis: # tar xfz tine20-allinone_2020.03.2.tar.bz2
  • kopieren der & .htaccess in das tine 2.0 Verzeichnis
  • Update per Cli starten: php setup.php –update

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