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Thunderbird Mailclient Bugfix Release 102.0.2

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Der kostenlose Mailclient für Windows, MacOS und Linux, Thunderbird, erhielt das Bugfix Release 102.0.2. Das Update behebt 15 Fehler und sorgt so für die Stabilität von Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Release Notes 102.0.2


  • Double-clicking chat messages will no longer execute a default action


  • “File” menu was covered by Spaces Toolbar
  • Sub-folders with new messages were not highlighted until clicked
  • Attachment paper clip was cut off in message list
  • OpenPGP signatures were broken when “Primary Password” dialog remained open
  • Non-ASCII messages forwarded as attachments were garbled
  • Importing from Seamonkey or Outlook failed in second step
  • Deleting messages from a POP server occasionally failed
  • Offline cache was unusable for NNTP accounts
  • News messages were not shown in preview pane
  • Address fields were not populated when using “Edit as new message”
  • Sometimes only the first letter of a contact’s Organization name was displayed
  • Double-click to edit selected contacts action did not work
  • Some CardDAV contact fields were displayed with additional backslashes in the value
  • Pending chat message contents were not updated when the conversation was not selected
  • Various UI improvements


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